Decorative Kitchen Tray

Decorative Kitchen Tray

The Decorative Kitchen Tray on my counter helps keep my favorite olive oils, vinegars and seasonings right at my fingertips.  You would think that since I've worked for a company for nine years that is predominantly about cooking, I would enjoy my time in the kitchen.  But, honestly, it's just not my favorite thing! I'm always bringing home new products to try.  All the freebies I end up with are definitely a bonus, but if I put them in the cupboard, they are going to become dust collectors.

 Instead, I use a decorative kitchen tray to keep all my favorites, and new things I want to try, right where I can reach them.  My "fresh" grapes are awesome.  When I take the tray apart for cleaning, the grapes go right in the dish water.  

That's it friends.  Nothing epic here today.  Just a tip I thought you might enjoy!

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