Wise Owl Mirrored Wall Hanging

Sometimes the simplest of projects are the ones that end up being my favorite.  This Wise Owl Mirrored Wall Hanging ended up being one of those things.  I bought only two things and they were less than $15!  It took about thirty seconds to make.  Here's what you'll need: (my posts contain affiliate links)

  • A wooden wall plank like this one
  • A self-adhesive mirrored owl similar to this one.  The one I found was a little bit differnet in style. I love owls and it's quite fitting for Hootshack but maybe you have a different theme that you love.  I also saw hearts and round bubbles.

Hootshack Owl Mirror Project

Hootshack Wise Owl Mirrored Wall Hanging

Hootshack Mirror Wall Hanging

Remember to protect the surface of the mirror while applying.  I pulled the backing off and used it to cover the mirror once I got the mirror in the right place on the wooden plank.  The backing can be placed on top of the mirror then use your hand to smooth it down firmly.  Be careful because you don't want to scratch the mirror.  I even took a hair dryer and heated up the mirror slightly while I smoothed it down so it would get a firmer grip to the wood. The string is already attached for hanging or you can eliminate the string and just hang this project directly on a nail or picture hanger.  Done! Easy, peasy! I hope you enjoyed this Wise Owl Mirrored Wall Hanging.  Please be sure to Pin it and/or share it.  Also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can hear more about the projects happening at Hootshack!





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  • I love an easy project! I love the finished sign :)
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor


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