Mason Jar Lights

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I’ve always loved crafts with mason jars and I especially love mason jar lights. Mason jar lighting adds a bit of nostalgia to your home, yard, or even your special event, so I’ve put together some of my favorites to buy and also a hanging mason jar DIY!

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It’s amazing how many different styles of mason jar light fixtures there are. They have mason jar kitchen lights, mason jar pendant lights, mason jar bathroom lights, and several other styles of hanging mason jar lights for your home decor. They even have mason har chandelier choices for you. Here are a few I fell in love with!

There’s something so pretty and mesmerizing about lighted mason jars.

Mason Jar Outdoor Lights

I love these cute mason jar string lights. They would be cute to decorate a wedding or even a backyard bbq. I found quite a few outdoor mason jar lights and I even found solar outdoor mason jar lights which would be so convenient!

Sometimes you need battery-operated mason jar lid lights. I once bought solar lights for under my outdoor covered patio. Yep, I really did that. Guess what? They didn’t get sun, so they didn’t work. I guess that’s how solar works. Ha!

I was surprised at the selection of mason jar solar lights Walmart has and I’ve included some below.

I did find some battery-operated lights but don’t forget to buy the mason jars that go with them.

Mason Jar Centerpieces With Lights

These would be cute mason jar wedding centerpieces with lights. If you tried to buy all of the pieces to make this, I’m betting it would end up being way more expensive than if you just bought them.

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Light

If you want to know how to make hanging mason jar lights, this mason jar light fixture was very easy to make. I removed the black ring from the light cord/fixture and set it aside. (Sometimes you can find mason jars at Dollar Tree as well.)

Mason Jar Hanging Light tutorial
The outer ring, fixture, and lid with fixture traced and ready to cut the hole.

I used a small drill bit to drill holes that were touching each other. I cut out a circle that was the size of the fixture that needed to fit through the lid of the mason jar. You can trace the fixture right onto the lid so you know how big to cut the hole. (wear gloves)

How To Make A Mason Jar Light that hangs
Using a small drill bit on top of an old piece of wood to cut the circle.

Just slide the cord through and reattach the ring to hold it in place. I did have to use a shorter lightbulb that I found at Home Depot but that’s it. This mason jar lights DIY turned out so pretty.

making a hanging mason jar light
Slide the cord through and attach the ring. I ended up using a small lightbulb than this.
How to make a hanging mason jar light
DIY hanging mason jar light

My cover photo was courtesy of Unsplash.

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