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    My Christmas Sheshed Decor

    I’ve already finished up my Christmas Sheshed Decor and I’m loving the colors this year. I scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and the neutrals have definitely caught my eye. Mom came over with bins full of decor she doesn’t use so I got lucky this year and we decorated the entire thing and (so far), I haven’t spent a dime! I still have a few things I want for the outside, so the jury is still out on whether this project will go down in the books at no dollars spent! Stay tuned for the update on that 😉

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    Christmas Sheshed

    My Christmas Sheshed Decor is a mixture of items I already had, items mom gave me and some DIYs of course! (You can find some similar items on my Amazon Storefront. ) . Starting from the top shelf, I added some simple pine picks to containers I always have on this shelf and added a small metal sign. I couldn’t find that exact sign for you but here are some great options!

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  • Farmhouse banner

    Simply The Cutest Farmhouse Banner DIY

    This Farmhouse Banner is one of my favorite DIY projects I’ve made so far. I want to start by saying that I would definitely not be deemed a seamstress by any stretch of the word. I had to have my mom stop by to reload the bobbin on the sewing machine!

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