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Best Craft Room Shelving And Storage Ideas

Whether you’re organizing a small space or an entire craft room, keeping your craft supplies organized for easy access is essential.  Using creative shelving and storage solutions is a great way to keep all of your craft supplies organized. Let’s explore some of the best craft room organization and storage ideas.

Best craft room shelving and storage ideas to get organized once and for all (graphic).

With the right storage and organization supplies, you can keep your craft room tidy. If I can do it, so can you! 

Whether you’re designing a new craft room or getting your craft space organized, I’ve found these tips to be the most useful in getting (and staying) organized, once and for all!

Whether your craft space is in your home office, a closet, dining room, or living room or you have your own designated craft room, you will need plenty of good storage.  

Best Craft Room Organization Ideas

My craft room is used to fuel my hobby of blogging and teaching others to make simple DIY crafts. No matter what your hobby is, I hope you find some useful craft room ideas in this post!

You may not have the space for all of these craft supply options. Choose a combination that works for your particular space.

Craft Room Shelving Ideas

If space allows, the best way to design a craft room is to use a combination of open shelving like floating shelves or bookcases, closed storage cabinets with adjustable shelves, craft tables with storage, and/or cubby cube storage units.  

Open Book Shelves & Cubby Units For Storing Craft Items (aka Storage cubes)

I’m a big fan of using what you have but if you’re shopping for shelving for your storage area, cubby storage cubes have worked great for me. I’m in the process of adding a second one. You can display craft room decor or purchase fabric bins to tuck things away.

Cube storage from craft room shelving decorated with craft supplies
This photo is courtesy of The Show Gals on Instagram. It’s a nice combination of storage and display.
Cubby Cube storage with fabric bins for storing craft supplies.  Gnomes are displayed on top.
I opted to use up all of the storage with the fabric bins. DIY Easter Gnomes.

Using bookcases as shelving units is another great option. Utilizing all the vertical space available is essential when organizing a small craft room.  If you’re already using bookshelves and want to cover them, consider using ready-made curtain panels and tension rods.

Store craft supplies in baskets and containers in different sizes so things still look organized. Thrift store finds work great if you’re organizing a craft room on a budget.

Vertical storage is a great use of space. Add baskets or bins to sort supplies. Covered storage keeps supplies dust-free. Fully enclosed (not clear) is best to keep fabric, yarn, and paper from fading. If you use clear acrylic paper sorters, keep them inside an enclosed cabinet.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be found in all different widths and are great for easy-reach items.  You can turn any nook and cranny into a great storage space by adding shelves.  Open shelving also gives you a place to display your craft room decor or finished craft projects.

floating shelves for crafts and home decor
White Floating Shelves

Thrifted wooden crates or boxes can be mounted to a wall to create a floating shelf look.  Use your imagination, you may already have what you need at home.  Mount them in a collage-style format to create interest.

Craft Room Pegboard

Pegboard for craft rooms is another option for storing craft supplies in easy reach. There are many options with some pretty pegboard systems for craft rooms with cups and hooks.  

pegboard for craft rooms with accessories

You can also make a DIY pegboard system by adding 1″ furring strips behind a piece of pegboard that is cut to fit your space.  

Craft Room Tables With Storage

I made a DIY craft table with two tall pantry cabinets, two kitchen-height cabinets, and a narrow piece of laminate countertop.  The storage cabinets come in different widths so you can customize the set-up for what works in your craft area. The countertop can also be cut to fit. They are heavy! Do yourself a favor and have them delivered. I got free shipping and they brought everything right to my door.

DIY Craft Room Table and Desk

I had trouble getting it all into one picture so here is the other angle.

Craft supply cabinets with adjustable shelving

Inside the cabinets, I stacked cubby storage containers to sort my yarn.  I added a plastic storage cart in another cabinet to organize more small items.  I’ve sorted paintbrushes and paint supplies in the drawers.

yarn storage in a craft room cabinet

I have another adjustable-height craft table on the other side of the room. This makes a great work desk. You can raise or lower it at the touch of a button, which saves my back when working on projects.

Craft Cabinets For Craft Rooms

Closed craft room storage cabinets are great for storing miscellaneous craft supplies that you don’t want in plain sight.  

Craft room storage cabinets

I like a peaceful crafting space so having clutter tucked away in cabinets makes me feel more relaxed and makes the room look cleaner. I also like neutral colors but you should use colors that you love!

I like the cabinets I purchased because of the various configurations. You can find cabinets in all different sizes. They also have pull-out drawers as optional add-ons which makes them even more functional.  There is a craft cabinet out there for just about any size room.  

Thirfted cabinets, armoires, or hutches also work great.  My rusty old set of storage lockers is one of my favorite furniture pieces in my craft room.  Not the most functional, but I needed one fun piece I truly love.

metal storage locker cabinets used to store crafts and display decor

I store taller things like my wrapping paper and tissue paper inside.  I also use magnets with clips to hang all sorts of things inside the doors including my Cricut mats and wire wreath frames.

I like to store larger tools and accessories in cabinets like my staple gun, glue gun, drill, heat press, etc.  This is where I store styrofoam cones, pumpkins, etc. that I don’t want out in the open.  

Use storage drawers inside for paper, cardstock, and rolls of vinyl.  I don’t sew a lot so I also store my small sewing machine in a cabinet.

Built-in Storage Furniture for Craft Rooms

Instead of individual buffets and cabinets, you could opt for a built-in wall unit for all of your craft supplies.  If you have the right place to do this (and the budget), the best thing about built-ins is that you can utilize the entire wall from floor to ceiling. My budget wasn’t so great so I don’t have built-ins!  

Storing Craft Supplies

One thing that helped me organize my craft space was to take small items out of the packaging and sort them into clear plastic containers and storage bins.  

My favorite containers are clear acrylic craft organizers and clear acrylic storage drawers for crafts.  I even found a lazy-susan turntable for craft supplies! There’s also one for paper storage and another single-drawer unit. The prices are great compared to others I’ve found! Many are also stackable!

clear acrylic storage containers with drawers and a lazy susan for craft supplies

If you don’t have clear plastic bins and drawers for storage, use a label maker to label containers so everything is easy to find.

Larger Plastic Tubs or Bins

Sort items by season or subject matter whenever possible. I have a Valentine’s tub that has heart-specific items and a Christmas tub that has jingle bells, snowflakes, or anything that will be used around Christmas/Winter, for example.

I make a lot of wreaths, so another container has florist foam, wire, moss, florist tape, etc.  Sort things in a way that makes the most sense for you!

Use Jars For Storing Small Items

Mason jars or apothecary jars work great for storing collections of items like buttons, washi tape, and beads.  Keep the lids on so things inside stay clean.  Mason jars come in so many sizes and they make great small storage containers for little things.

using mason jars for storing craft supplies

Too many jars can get heavy on shelves, so plastic storage containers work just as well. You might even be able to find them at a dollar store.

Smaller Clear Plastic Storage Containers

I have lots of flat plastic storage containers for small items.  Small craft supplies can tend to make drawers disorganized so I like to sort them.  

small craft storage containers that are great for sorting small items

I have a container for nuts, screws, and other gadgets.  When I’m done putting furniture together and have extra screws or fasteners, I know exactly where they go.

I have another one just for picture-hanging hooks and wire, one for small beads that are all sorted by color, and another for seasonal cut-outs and shapes.  You get the idea.

small containers for storing small craft supplies

Adding adjustable wire shelving inside my cabinets was extremely helpful. It gave me two levels to stack the containers, making them more accessible without sorting through too many containers in one stack.

For paper storage, I use plastic storage units with drawers.  You can also use wicker baskets for file storage boxes.

clear plastic containers with drawers for storing and sorting paper

Rolling Storage Carts With Drawers

I need as much storage as possible so I use all of the floor space.  I mentioned having a cart inside one of my cabinets.  I have a couple of others under my craft desks to store additional crafting supplies.  

They don’t take up much space and can be tucked into corners or under desks. It’s nice to be able to wheel supplies up next to where you’re working.

Paint Organizers

There are some great paint organizers and I’ve even seen wire napkin holders at dollar stores that crafters are wiring together to create storage for acrylic paints.

They have a lot of craft paint organizers on Amazon. You can also find them at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Ribbon Racks 

A ribbon rack may be helpful if you use a lot of ribbon in your craft projects.  Another small cubby storage unit is another great option for storing ribbon if you don’t want it displayed on the wall.

If you have a gift wrap station in your craft room, hanging a ribbon rack on the wall looks nice.

Sewing Supplies

If you do a lot of sewing, you’ll want designated storage for spools of thread like a thread rack to keep it all organized.  

I don’t sew a lot, but I do have a small tackle box that I use to store measuring tapes, embroidery floss, and other extra sewing supplies.

Craft Room Tables With Storage

My main craft room table is an old stainless steel restaurant table.  It’s indestructible! I can hammer on it, paint, or make just about anything without damaging the surface.

Craft room table made out of a stainless steel restaurant table with storage underneath

It has a shelf underneath that I’m adding more cube storage for fabric scraps and other small stuff.  

You can find ready-made craft tables with storage on Amazon or make a DIY craft table.

There are some amazing craft rooms and I realize that having a designated room for crafting is a luxury.  Take a tour of more craft room ideas before you go! If you have a smaller space to work with, there are plenty of solutions.  The important thing is that you keep crafting and creating, no matter what size space you have!

Happy crafting,


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