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One Room Challenge Fall 2020 – Week 2

So it’s already week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I’m feeling like a deer in the headlights. Have you ever signed up for something and then asked yourself, “Why would you do that?”. Ha! Well, I’m asking myself that very question right now but I’m also determined to complete this project. If you stumbled on this week’s post, don’t forget to check out One Room Challenge – Week One so you can see where I started. I’m so happy to have you follow along!

Last week I was still trying to decide if I was going to paint the room but I quickly realized that this room needs a dramatic change so paint is a must. The room is way too dark. Our house is dark in general. We’ve been painting everything white and it feels so much brighter and I love that. I think the guest bedroom will look great with a fresh coat of white paint, so it’s going to be painted with Valspar Bistro White. The trim will be Ultra White.

bedroom before picture
Just a reminder of the before color… and the bad decor 😉

One Room Challenge Week 2 – The Paint

Valspar Bistro White Paint Choice

One Room Challenge Week 2 – The Bed

I’ve also made a decision on the bed. Guess what? It wasn’t either of the ones that I originally picked. It doesn’t arrive until next week so my fingers are crossed that I’ll love it as much in person as I do in the picture.

I had no idea how much work it would be just getting rid of what was in the room. Just to be clear, I didn’t design the original room. You need to know this! lol. Everything just ended up in there after each kid moved and new things were purchased for our house. My decor style is really not that bad!

In the next couple of days, I have to choose a rug. I’ve got a couple on my mind but haven’t made a selection yet. I’ll fill you in on that next week! I want to thank my husband for helping me with all of this. I’m suffering from a shoulder injury so he’s the muscle behind my crazy plan. He always gets drug into these things! I’m so excited though and he said he is, too. Not about all of the work, but about finally having this room done. The One Room Challenge is really pushing me and I can see why it’s so addicting. I’m happy to be a guest participant. I’m already planning for the Spring edition.

during bedroom refresh
I thought you’d enjoy seeing my One Room Challenge – Week 2 progress. No judgment on the mess. You’re impressed, right? ;). Oy vey!
ORC mockup bedroom
Remember, this is the design concept I started with. I’m veering from the path already!

I better get back to work making rug decisions. There’s no time to waste! Thanks again for following along! Be sure to go check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge.

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  1. It is going to be so pretty! I’m also dreaming of my Spring project too.

  2. Denise, you really are moving right along! I love your final bed choice for this room. I think it will make the room look larger. It’s fun following along on your progress. Can’t wait to see what you do next week.