My Simple Spring Dining Table Decor

If you’re wondering how to create simple spring dining table decor, I have some useful tips for you. Come take a look at how I put this together.

Decorating with a minimalist style makes me feel less overwhelmed. I’ve put a lot of things away and have been trying to simplify each room in our house. We don’t have a lot of places in our home to decorate so I like to have a little something on our dining room table. Here’s what I used to create this simple Spring dining table decor:

My Simple Spring Dining Table Decor Supplies

Cute Spring table decor doesn’t have to be overdone. Pick a feature and decorate it with a few simple objects. You can add texture to your table by using multiple layers but not a lot of “stuff”. Here are a few tips for creating a simple Spring tablescape.

This simple Spring table decor has lots of items, but it still feels simple and not too fussy. I started by rolling out a piece of burlap and cutting it to the length I wanted. I like to have a nice drop on both ends of the table. Leave at least twelve inches on each end.

I layered a DIY Drop Cloth Runner that I made previously on top of the burlap. I should have made a new one and had it pop out a bit on both sides of the shutter but I got a little lazy here and just reused the one I already made. I’ve added two different textures and layers here without so now let’s talk more about ways to add texture to your table.

Repurpose an Old Shutter For Added Texture

I bought a bunch of old shutters a while back and I’m always searching for ways to use old shutters. If you’re doing the same, you should also check out my Easy Shutter Shelf DIY. It’s an easy shutter DIY project to make. I decided the one I painted black would be a pretty accent piece on the table for spring. I knew it would make my white flower pots and green houseplants pop.

If you don’t have an old shutter, you can use a rustic plank of wood, a large lazy susan or even a large cutting board. Now we have three layers for our Spring tablescape and we haven’t even added any focal points yet.

Add Natural Elements With Plants

Adding fresh flowers and live plants adds another element without spending much at all. Every Spring tablescape needs from fresh flowers, right?! I’m a huge fan of Trader Joe’s fresh flowers.

Love plants also look great on a Spring table. Using pots with attached saucers is the best option to protect your table. This set of white pots from Letauci is so pretty and I’ve moved them all over the house. They’re super simple and they have attached drip trays which I love. They’re the perfect pots for indoor plants. They come in an aqua color as well. I always put a small handful of rocks in the bottom of them to help with drainage but they also come with a small screen to cover the hole so the dirt doesn’t plug up the drain hole. I thought this was genius!

a minimal spring dining table centerpiece idea

The live edge wood tray is another thing that gets moved around the house. I’ve used it on the kitchen counter as well. It’s simple and I love this live edge wood tray for adding texture. My mom gave it to me so I scored here!

Add A Focal Point

I’ve added a copper pitcher to my Spring table as a focal point and of course some fresh flowers. You can use a glass vase, a ceramic vase, or even a vase from flowers you’ve received.

I’ve arranged some Spring flowers in a hammered copper pitcher and made it the star of the show. Copper is a great addition for easy Spring table decor because it’s neutral but still bright and cheery. The copper pitcher can be used for water or serving cocktails but I love it as a flower vase.

I like to use copper in decor but just a bit at a time. It’s a pretty and unexpected pop of Spring color. Check out these copper mugs, too! They are the best copper mug set I’ve found. They even come with coasters and copper straws. After seeing the flowers in the copper pitcher, now I want to plant succulents in the copper mugs as well. They would be unique containers for succulents or houseplants. Wouldn’t that be pretty?!

dining table with copper pitcher as a flower vase and succulents in pots

Add Just A Few Small Accent Pieces

Add a couple of small items that add color or style to the table but don’t overcrowd it. Tables with too many things on them are not only overwhelming, but they’re also impractical when you’re ready to put food on the table.

This little owl pot is the cutest. I just transplanted one succulent out and put this cute String of Pearls inside that I propagated from another String of Pearls succulent I had. I always get excited when a plant propagation goes right! Do you like to propagate plants? I’m just learning how to propagate snake plants and I’m hoping I’ll get to share a post with you about that soon. I’m anxiously awaiting snake plant pups in the next couple of weeks if all goes well.

The silk flower was a last-minute addition to just use as a little space filler. I took it off of this bundle. These are some of the best-looking silk flower bundles I’ve found. I bring them out every Spring.

Flower arrangement in copper pitcher on spring table decor

I hope you’re enjoying this pretty Spring weather. It’s been so nice here in our part of California. Spring is my favorite season. Do you enjoy simple Spring table decor or do you like the “more is better” approach to decorating a Spring table? There is no wrong answer. I always say to do what you love! I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple tips for creating a Spring table centerpiece.



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  1. I love using shutters for decorating! What a great idea as part of the centerpiece

    1. Thank you Maria. I love shutters, too. I also made a shutter shelf for my she shed. Thanks you for stopping by!

  2. Denise your table looks great. I love all the pretty items you placed on it. I will have to go check out your DIY drop cloth runner and other things you have done.

  3. I really like all of the various colors and textures. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. So beautiful! I just love copper as well and that pitcher is just perfect. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration.

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