DIY Gnomes Ornaments With Rope

These DIY gnomes ornaments with rope turn out so cute and inexpensive to make. I will be adding them to the top of Christmas gifts this year and will be using some to decorate the Christmas tree.

DIY gnomes Christmas ornaments made with rope and twine

My husband and I have been busy preparing for our daughter to come home with our grandson. Her husband is deploying for 6 months which is always so hard on their family so she will come to spend a month with us. Even though it’s hard to see our son-in-law go, the one bonus is having our daughter and grandson for an entire month. Since we’re in California and they’re in Virginia, we only get to see them about twice per year. We’re hoping he makes it back home for the delivery of their second son due in June of 2023.

I’m going to be putting blogging aside for that month but I was able to sneak in another quick Christmas craft project for all of my gnome-loving friends!

These DIY gnomes ornaments are made with rope, twine, a bead, and a hot glue gun. They may seem a little confusing at first, but they are actually relatively easy to make once you understand the steps.

Supplies List


How To Make DIY Gnomes Ornaments With Rope

Step-by-step instructions are provided but the video is most helpful.

  1. Create a smaller loop at the top and secure it with glue.
  2. Create a larger loop at the bottom and secure it at the top with glue again.
  3. Wrap around the back of the top loop and secure it in the front with glue.
  4. Make an additional loop at the bottom that is a little smaller than the first and secure it at the top with glue again.
  5. Wrap around the back two times, each time under the first to create a hat shape. Secure the end with glue. Look at both sides to determine which side turned out best and make that the front. Look specifically at the hat shape.
  6. Use regular cotton twine and wrap it around your four fingers 30 times.
  7. Tie through the loops at the top and cut through the loops at the bottom. Make two of these.
  8. Put a dot of glue on the knot and glue it in the center under the hat. Keep the two sides spread apart.
  9. Put a dot of glue on the second piece and glue under the first.
  10. Fluff the beard and trim it to the desired shape.
  11. Glue on a nose. I used a split wood bead.

I used neutral colors but you could use yarn or other colored twines for the beard. The possibilities are endless for a nose. A button or any small round item will work.

I’ve updated this post to include this DIY gnome ornament made with red rope and white yarn. This one took a little more rope. I used around 36″. I used white yarn for the beard instead of cotton twine.

I had to glue in quite a few more spots. The red rope was a little harder to work with but not terrible. I love the red and white for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed making these DIY gnomes Christmas ornaments with me. If you love making gnomes, I have some other DIY gnomes ornaments that you’ll love and also an awesome gnome-making guide.

I’m off to prepare our home for all things toddler! Outlet covers and toilet lid locks are first on the list. Apparently, he finds the toilet fascinating.

Happy crafting,


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  1. These are adorable!!!! I see this becoming my next project. 😊 Thanks

  2. These are so cute. I am preparing to possibly set-up an Etsy shop. Would you allow me to make and sell these, if I want to add them?

    1. If you add them to your shop, please let me know. I may be able to add a link to your shop for those that prefer to buy rather than DIY!

  3. These gnomes are adorable! Thanks for sharing the instructions and the video!

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for the compliment! I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. Could you do a video of the steps? I’m more of a visual learner

  5. I love the gnomes,what kind of rope did you use

    1. Thank you. I used regular craft rope from Dollar Tree. It’s about 1/2 inch in diameter.

  6. Need a more detailed supply list. Like the size of the rope, & bead. Also the length you cut the rope & twine

    1. I’ll update the post. The rope is about 1/2″ in diameter and is from Dollar Tree in the craft section. The bead is 12 mm but I’ve also used 15 mm and they are cute. If you look at the paragraph just above the video, I linked the rope and beads for you. Thank you for visiting.

    1. They’re very easy. I recently used them to hang on to a bottle for a gift. They also look cute tied to presents. Thank you for visiting.

  7. I love the rope gnomes! The only thing I don’t see in the directions is how long to cut the rope. I would really like to make these. Please let me know what the length to cut the rope. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim, Thank you for asking. I’ll update that in the post but it is about 30″ long.

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