How To Make Yarn Gnome Witches

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Make these adorable DIY yarn gnome witches for your Halloween decorations. I’ve been making yarn gnomes for almost every season. They’re pretty popular crafts and an easy Halloween decoration to make.

If you’re hearing reading this, then I know you love gnomes as much as I do. DIY yarn gnomes are easy to make and they cost pennies. You only need a few supplies and you can get them at any craft store like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or even Dollar Tree.

Supplies To Make Yarn Gnome Witches

  • Yarn
  • Black felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fall or Halloween decorations
  • Noses – I used split wood beads but you can also use buttons or any small round object

How To Make A Felt Witch Hat

To make the felt hat for the witches, cut a 2″ circle and a 4″ circle out of black felt. The 2″ circle will be the brim of the hat. The 4″ circle will be the piece you’ll use to roll into a cone shape. I ended up getting two hats out of the 4″ circle.

Making the cone took a little trial and error and not one of them is perfect, so don’t let that bug you. I cut a wedge out of the 4″ circle and then rolled the felt into a cone shape. Trim the excess felt off and secure with hot glue along the back.

Once the cone is dry, put one continuous bead of glue all the way along the inside edge of the cone.

Making a yarn gnome witch hat out of felt

Set the cone on top of the 2″ circle then use your fingers to press the brim of the hat up into the cone. This will secure the brim and also create a cute little floppy hat brim.

Felt Witch hat

Making The Girl Yarn Gnome Witch

Wrap yarn around a book about 25 times. I made my braids pretty thick and long, so you may need to adjust them if you want them shorter. The book I used was about 7″ wide.

Slide a short piece of yarn under the strands at the top of the book and tie the loops together with a tight knot. Cut through all of the loops at the bottom of the book.

Making the braids for a girl yarn gnome witch
making a girl yarn gnome witch hair

Glue the hair to the underside of the hat right where your knot is. I used a clothespin to clip the hat to hold it in place while I sectioned the yarn to form braids. Tie the bottom of the braids off with short pieces of yarn and then trim the ends to make them even.

Making the Loose Beard Yarn Gnome

The process is the same as making the girl braids only you will use a smaller book or your four fingers to wrap the yarn around and wrap about 40 times to make the beard a little thicker.

yarn gnome with

You will still need to tie off the top and cut the loops at the bottom. Trim the strands into a beard shape then glue it to the hat. The easy way to do this is to apply glue to the hat and then press the beard on. Don’t get glue on your fingers!

Making the Gnome With The Round Beard

The last gnome is made using a yarn pom pom. I used the smallest pom pom maker in my pom pom maker set. You can also make a pom pom with a fork.

Yarn Gnome Witch With A Pom Pom

Decorating Yarn Gnome Witches

If you already have fall decorations like wreaths or garlands, you can clip a few pieces off of them to use for decorations. You can also purchase decorations at any craft store.

I also made Fall Yarn Gnomes that you might like to make. If you like making crafts with yarn, I’ve also made some adorable chunky yarn pumpkins this year. I’ve also made a super simple DIY tassel garland with wood beads.

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