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Easy Gnome Crafts To Make and Sell

I’ve got quite a list of easy gnome crafts to make and sell! I love making gnomes and have created many DIY gnome crafts over the years. I hope you enjoy this collection of gnome crafts and find some that inspire you to create your own.


I make so many gnomes that I’m starting to look at almost anything and come up with an idea for how to make gnome crafts. It’s becoming an obsession!

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DIY Gnome Craft Ideas To Make or Sell

I’ve barely scratched the surface of my gnome-making journey but I’ve got quite a few DIY gnomes for you to make.

Easy Gnome Crafts To Make

It's so fun to make gnomes and crazy how many different types of gnomes you can make. You can make gnomes with fabric, yarn, bottles, and more.

Supplies For Making DIY Gnomes To Make or Sell

I make gnomes with so many different materials but the basic items you’ll need to make gnomes are a body, nose, hat, and a beard (or braids).

Gnome Body Ideas

A gnome body can be made with socks, bottles, flower pots, and more. Take a look at the posts above to see all the different gnome bodies I’ve made.

Gnome Nose Ideas

Gnome noses can be made with any round shape like buttons, ping pong balls, felt balls, or wooden beads. There are so many things you can use to make noses for your gnome crafts.

Making Gnome Hats

I make most of my hats using my easy felt gnome hat pattern but my second favorite way to make gnome hats is to use a sock.

Making Gnome Beards

You can make gnome beards with yarn, faux fur, or even pinecones!

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Happy crafting,


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