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Valentine’s Day Gnomes

Whether you want to buy them or DIY them, you’ll find several Valentine’s Day Gnomes packed into this one post. You’ll find Valentine’s Day Gnomes to buy from some of my favorite sources as well as several methods for making Valentine gnomes DIY style!

Plush Valentine’s Day Gnomes

A plush Valentine gnome can be used anywhere in your home decor. Add them to a tiered tray, to the mantel, or even sitting on a shelf. I don’t know what it is about gnomes, but I’m always drawn to them. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine gnomes to buy. This maker is extremely talented and I love her little gnomes. See them all at Gnomesalltheway

Valentine's Day Gnome
Crocheted Valentine’s Day Gnome
Girl Valentine's Gnome
Girl Valentine’s Day Gnome
Valentine's Day Gnome With heart
Heart Valentine Gnome
Scandinavian Valentine's Day Gnome
Scandinavian Valentine Gnome
Cupcake farmhouse valentine gnome
Cupcake Farmhouse Gnome
Flower Gnome Valentines
Flower Gnome Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes

If you’re looking to DIY Valentine gnomes, you can get some inspiration from either of these two posts:

Valentine's Day Gnomes
Credit LarkspurFarmhouse

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