DIY Clay Flower Pot Gnomes

I love these cute little DIY clay flower pot gnomes. They are so easy to make and you probably have most of the supplies at home. You can complete several of these in no time!

This is a super quick post because these cute DIY gnomes are really that easy!

Supplies for the DIY Clay Flower Pot Gnomes

You can find all of my DIY gnome-making supplies in my Amazon Gnome Shop.

  • Mason Jar
  • Gnome fur
  • Round object for a nose (I used a large split wood bead)
  • Clay flower pot
  • Felt or fabric for the brim of the hat
  • Spanish moss
  • Small bird or another embellishment
  • Silk flowers

How To Make DIY Clay Flower Pot Gnomes

I like to use a mason jar for the body because the weight of the larger-sized jars will stand up to the heavy clay flower pot. I cut the gnome fur first and glued that just below the top rim of the jar and then attached the nose to the jar as well.

The hat is made with a clay flower pot. I used some green felt for the band around the base of the hat and attached it with a hot glue gun. The silk flowers were clipped from other arrangements I had around the house. You only need a couple so you won’t even notice they’re missing.

Making a DIY clay flower pot gnomes
Bird on top of DIY clay flower Pot gnome

Dollar Tree had Spanish moss and I always have some of that in my craft room so I just took a small bunch and glued it to the top of the flower pot and added a small bird to keep with the DIY Spring Garden Gnome theme I was using for this particular gnome.

DIY Spring Clay Flower Pot Gnome

If you like gnomes, I have another cute DIY outdoor gnome that I think you’ll love. It’s also made with a flower pot but it’s much larger and makes cute garden art.

Happy crafting!


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