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Valentine’s Table Decor DIY

Valentine’s decor wouldn’t be complete without a cute Valentine’s Table Decor DIY. I got a cute fluted white flower pot but didn’t have a live plant yet, so I created this cute DIY Valentine’s table centerpiece.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations DIY with red satin hearts looking planted in a white bowl.  Handmade Valentine's Day Decoration with red hearts.
DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration

I had some leftover red satin fabric from my DIY heart wreath so I decided to use it up by making a Blooming Heart Garden for my Valentine’s Day table decor.

I cut out hearts and used a hot glue gun to glue them almost all of the way shut using a thin bead of glue. I left the bottom portion open, stuffed the hearts with Polyfil, and added a dowel that I found at Dollar Tree.

I lined my flower pot with florist foam and stuck the hearts in the foam. To hide the florist foam, I added a bag of Spanish moss.

How To Cut The Hearts

I used my Cricut Maker to cut the hearts. I used the rotary cutter and cut most of the hearts at 5″. The smaller ones are about 3 1/2 inches. The Cricut cut the hearts pretty well. Be careful pulling the hearts off the mat. You may have to snip some areas.

To keep the fabric from sticking to the mat, cut a piece of contact paper and line your mat with it. Put the grid side down on the sticky part of the mat. Peel the contact paper off which leaves a sticky surface for you to stick your fabric to. This helps keep fabric off of your Cricut mat.

making/cutting red satin hearts with a Cricut Maker
Cutting red satin hearts with a Cricut Maker

Cutting the Dowels

Making valentines table decor DIY and stuffing the red satin hearts
Making DIY Valentine’s Decor

I didn’t want all of the hearts the same height, so I used wire cutters to cut the bottoms of the dowels. They cut easily so I only had to buy one size dowel. I painted them first with gold craft paint but you could also use florist tape or paint them any color you’d like.

I found the dowels at our local Dollar Tree but you can find them online or at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

Valentines table decor DIY with red satin hearts on dowels in a bowl with spanish moss.
Blooming Heart Garden – DIY Valentine’s Craft

Embellishing The Hearts

I ended up using jute twine to tie little bows at the bottom of the hearts but you can use ribbon or just leave them plain. A cute Valentine’s ribbon would be a fun addition.

I have more Valentine crafts for you before you go and also a cute heart garland.



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  1. I love creating holiday decor by simply adding to something I already have. Thank you for this great idea!