DIY Wood Bead Wreath

This DIY wood bead wreath is so simple and elegant. I love the minimalist wreath look and it can be decorated for any season by changing out the decorations. I have a couple of styles for you to get you started.

Supplies For the DIY Wood Bead Wreath

Amazon has some very pretty ready-made wood bead wreaths that I stumbled on. You may want to take a look at their wood bead wreaths for additional inspiration.

If you already bought wood beads and you bought the round ones with the hole, don’t attempt to cut them in half. They do make round-wire wreath frames that could work for you. I’ve seen others use them successfully.

How To Make A DIY Wood Bead Wreath

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that you are going to glue the beads to the wreath, but I learned a couple of things while making my wreath that could save you some frustration. (I tried to find split wood beads at Hobby Lobby but couldn’t find them so I ended up getting the wood beads on Amazon. They also have a premade wooden bead wreath that I wish they had when I first made mine!

wood bead wreath DIY Spring

First, you need to decide if you want the metal clasp from the embroidery hoop to be used as the hanger or if you don’t want it to show at all. If you don’t want it to show, start with it centered on the bottom.

I found that putting beads all the way around the wreath made it challenging to attach the seasonal items to the wreath so I left a gap at the bottom to make it easier. When you start gluing the beads, start at the gap and glue continuously all the way around. Don’t put one bead on one side and then the other or you could end up with another gap at the top.

Gluing the Split Wood Beads

I found it easiest to lay the hoop on a towel so it doesn’t slip around. Place a bead of glue on the hoop itself then press the bead in place. If you add too much glue at once, it starts to dry too soon. Pay attention to both sides of the bead to be sure it’s centered on the hoop.

how to make a wood bead wreath

Hold each bead in place for a few seconds so it sticks really well. If you let go too soon and start gluing the next bead, you can knock the first one off. Take your time here.

Once I had all of the beads attached, I flipped the wreath over and secured the edges of each bead to the frame to make them more stable.

How to get a hoop wreath to hang even

You can hang your wreath from ribbon if you’d like. If you like a minimalist split bead wreath, glue a sawtooth hanger to the back and use it for hanging. I like having the hanger attached so I can change up how I hang it for each season.

If you find that your decorations are heavy, it can cause the hoop to hang lop-sided. You may need to use two small sawtooth hangers to get it to hang even. Instead of putting them in the center, put one on each side of the top about 2 -3 inches from the center.

Attaching The Moss and Eggs

I cut a small piece of cardboard and attached it to the beads with hot glue. I glued the boxwood stems to the cardboard. Bend the stems so that they are arranged the way you like.

wood bead wreath being made
making a wood bead wreath with flowers
The cardboard makes it easy to change out the decor for the Spring split wooden bead wreath.

Glue Spanish moss to the front of the cardboard only but not on the top yet. You’ll need to glue the eggs first.

wood bead wreath with moss
Adding moss and boxwood to the split wood bead wreath.

Glue the eggs to the top of the cardboard and then add more moss and glue it in place if necessary. Tuck the moss in around the eggs so you can’t see any cardboard.

wood bead wreath Spring with moss and eggs
Adding eggs to the Spring split wooden bead wreath.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath Boho Style

I’ve updated this post to include a DIY Boho Style wreath. I used the same concept only for this one I used these boho style faux flowers and wired them to the gap in the beads. When the flowers arrived they were folded in half and the pink Dahlias were smooshed but a quick fluff fixed them and they look great. Don’t be alarmed when they arrive if you decide to order.

wood bead wreath boho style DIY

You can find some more fun blog posts at Keepingitrreal and Create With Joy. It’s always fun to check out great posts from other bloggers. Enjoy!

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