Burlap Bubble Wreaths

Burlap Bubble Wreaths or so easy to make! They make so many different colors of burlap ribbon these days so you’re bound to find a color that’s perfect for your decor. I created this video a while back to show you the process. I’m not a good video maker and my make-shift phone holder was shaking a bit so sorry about that!

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Burlap Bubbly Wreath Supplies

Dark Brown Burlap Bubble Wreath
Burlap Bubble Wreath in ivory with a burlap rose from my Rustic Burlap Flower Wreath
burlap bubble wreaths
Burlap Bubble Wreaths I’ve made.
Burlap Wreath
Large Burlap Bubble Wreath With Moss Nest Approximately 22″

I hope the video helped you and that you enjoy making these simple burlap bubble wreaths. You should also check out my Rustic Burlap Flower Wreath if you love burlap as much as me!






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