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Easy Cricut Wreath With Paper Flowers

It’s crazy how pretty this easy Cricut wreath is. I was on the hunt for Cricut home decor projects and came across rolled paper flowers. It gave me the idea to make a Cricut wreath. I can’t believe I created this with only 16 sheets of cardstock paper and a wreath frame!

rolled paper flower Cricut wreath made a with cricut cutting machine displayed on a black shutter

This is seriously one of the easiest Cricut wreath ideas. This is the exact SVG file I used. To make this paper wreath, you may first need to read my Easy Paper Flowers With Cricut post. This will give you some tips on how to make the flowers themselves.

I also wanted to mention that I highly recommend the Cricut Maker. I have so much fun with my Cricut machine.

rolled paper flower wreath made with Cricut or Silhouette
Cricut wreath
cricut paper wreath

If you’re trying to decide which Cricut machine to buy, don’t hesitate to spend a little extra and get the Cricut Maker. You can also use Cricut Explore to make this project as well. You may have noticed that I linked a Cricut Maker Bundle for you.

I wrote another post about the best places to buy Cricut Bundles! If you’re asking, “Should you buy a Cricut bundle?”, then the answer is yes, yes yes!

paper flower wreath with cricut
Here My Easy Paper Flower Wreath Is Displayed On My Magnetic Farmhouse Memo Board

You can find the paper leaf wreath in this post.

Supplies I Used To Make This Easy Paper Flower Wreath With Cricut

Here’s a convenient list of tools and supplies I used to make this paper flower wreath:

You can also make a similar wreath with book page flowers or use a heart-shaped frame to make a Cricut Valentine’s Day Wreath.

Cricut Valentine's Day Wreath Craft project
Heart-shaped Wreaths

Assembling the Cricut Wreath

Here are the step-by-step instructions for making this simple paper wreath: I forgot to mention that I also made this wreath in pretty pinks so be sure to check out my Cricut Valentine’s Day Wreath as well!

  1. First, I wrapped the entire wreath frame in white burlap fabric and secured the fabric with glue. This gives the flowers something to stick to when using a wire wreath frame. You don’t have to use burlap. Any fabric will do, but pick a color that closely matches the paper color you’ll be using. This wreath frame would work great if you still need to buy one.
  2. I cut 15 flowers with my Cricut Maker using the fine point blade. My wreath is 8″. I was able to slip my twine for hanging between two flowers at the end, but it might have been easier to do this first.
  3. Then I laid the rolled paper flowers out in a circle to arrange them in the way I wanted. My goal was to use every paper flower in my template because I wanted to see what each flower would look like. Three flowers were duplicated to complete the wreath, using 15 flowers total. If you make a larger wreath, you’ll have to make more flowers.
  4. After gluing the first paper flower, I then had to press the second flower up against the first to get them tight enough to where the wreath frame and burlap didn’t show through. I repeated this process until the entire wreath frame was covered.
cricut flowers paper flower wreath with Cricut
Making a Cricut Wreath with paper
Paper flower wreath with cricut
different paper flowers in white
Paper flower wreath with cricut

These leaf patterns are from Canva. I have a pro account and it gives me the freedom to design what I want. I can also save my designs as SVG files which makes them easier to upload into Cricut Design Space. It’s another option if you don’t want Cricut Access.

Canva has a lot of font choices and they are adding more and more features all of the time. The leaves I cut for this Cricut flower wreath cut very nicely and some of them had very fine stems.

Paper flower wreath with cricut

Cricut tools for making rolled paper flowers that might make your life easier are included in this basic Cricut tool set. I use the spatula to lift the paper off of the mat and the special tweezers with the reverse grip. They hold shut which makes rolling the flowers a lot easier! You’ll use the various tools in the set all of the time so it’s worth it!

Paper flowers are so pretty and it’s crazy how easy they are to make. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this rolled paper flower wreath DIY. Cricut paper flower wreaths will last a long time in your home.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I check back frequently and would be happy to answer! Don’t forget to pin this post for later!

I hope you enjoyed this Cricut DIY Paper flower wreath. I’ll be making more so be sure to pin this for later and give me a follow on Pinterest to see more!

Happy crafting,


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