Valentine’s Decor DIY Crafts

I love to make Valentine’s decor DIY crafts for my home and my little shed. I like to come up with something new each year so you’ll see updates to this post. I hope you enjoy these DIY Valentine’s Day decorations and crafts.

DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Wreaths

I made some really large DIY hearts in the past for a retail store I managed and they were always a hit. I had made them with two pieces of pipe insulator and covered them with red satin. The ones in the store were about 3′ tall so I decided to scale those down for a version that would fit our home.

Rather than using a pipe insulator, I bought a styrofoam heart wreath form. The full details are in my DIY Heart Wreaths post. You’ll also find these three other easy heart wreaths there as well.

DIY Valentine Decorations and crafts showing three heart-shaped wreath ideas including a chunky yarn wreath, handmade paper wreath and a heart-shaped pom pom wreath
Valentine’s Decor DIY Crafts – Heart Wreaths

DIY Valentine’s Day Table Centerpiece

I had some leftover red satin fabric from my satin heart wreath so I made a simple Valentine’s Day table centerpiece that I call my Blooming Heart Garden.

I think it turned out to be a cute Valentine’s table decor DIY. If you have a Cricut Maker, you should read about how to cut fabric with it!

DIY Valentines table decoration with red fabric hearts in a white flower pot.
Valentine’s Decor DIY Table Centerpiece

DIY Valentine’s Day Garland

Valentine’s decor is not complete without a cute garland. I made this no-sew DIY Heart Garland and it’s been a fan favorite.

Valentines day decor DIY fabric heart garland with red hearts and red and white polka dot fabric hearts.
DIY Valentine’s Decor Fabric Heart Garland

DIY Paper Valentine’s Day Garland

I used my Cricut Maker again to make this cute little 3D DIY paper Valentine garland DIY. The complete tutorial including how to score with a Cricut Stylus can be found by visiting my DIY Paper Heart Valentine Garland.

paper DIY Valentines decor and yarn pom pom garland displayed on vintage rusty lockers
Layered Garlands – Pom Pom Garland and Paper Heart Garland

DIY Valentine’s Gnome

I also created this cute Valentine’s gnome and you won’t believe how easy it is to make. You can find the step-by-step instructions in my easy sock gnomes post.

Sock Gnome Valentines - DIY Valentine's Day sock gnome with wooden bead nose, white fur beard and pink and white sock for a hat.
Cute DIY Valentine’s Gnome

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