Easy DIY Heart Garland

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I’m so glad you’ve decided to make the Easy DIY Heart Garland with me. If you love simple DIY projects, you’ve come to the right place. Garlands are one of my favorite things to make. They’re easy to make and don’t cost a lot so I can make a couple for each season. I like to have affordable festive decor.

You’ll love how easy this simple DIY Valentine decoration is to make!

Supplies – Easy DIY Valentine Heart Garland

  • Fabric, felt or paper – Walmart has the cutest fabric bundles that are color coordinated and perfect for little craft projects
  • Glue, glue gun or a sewing machine
  • Yarn or ribbon for hanging
  • Poly-fil of cotton balls
  • Heart shape – print one or find a shape good for tracing
  • Wood beads (optional)
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My Easy DIY Heart Valentine’s Day Garland has seven complete hearts so I’ve cut 14 hearts out of fabric. You need two per heart and you can make more or less depending on how long you want your garland or how big you want your hearts.

Make the hearts using a sewing machine, sew them by hand or glue them as I did. I would usually prefer to sew, but for this project, I decided to not drag out the sewing machine.

Cute little fabrics from Walmart
This is enough fabric pieces to make 2 hearts for the Easy Valentine Heart Garland DIY

Assembling the Hearts

Use small rectangles that are glued at the top and bottom only on each heart for hanging. Refer to the image below so you can see what I’m talking about. Line them up evenly from side to side but don’t glue them any higher than the middle-low part of the heart. This will keep the twine from showing. Don’t glue the sides shut because this is where you’ll run the string or ribbon through for hanging.

Flip that heart over and then glue another heart on top leaving a small opening (about an inch) so you can stuff the heart with Poly-fil. If you don’t have Poly-fil, you can even use fabric scraps or cotton balls to stuff the hearts.

Since I used regular glue that dries clear, I let the hearts dry for about 30 minutes before stuffing them and then glued the opening shut. Run some string or yarn through the rectangles and you’re done!

Leaving the opening. This should actually be a bit larger to make it easier to stuff.
This is a completely different fabric but I forgot to get a good picture to show you how to line up the rectangles. Remember to only put glue along the top and bottom of the rectangles so the string slides through.

I love an easy project, don’t you? You should also make Simply The Cutest Farmhouse Banner that could also be made with hearts if you don’t mind one just a little more complicated. Thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. The garland is so cute and seems simple to make. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

    Thank you for the idea! ❤️❤️❤️

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