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Mason Jar Bird Feeder DIY

My Mason jar bird feeder DIY is one of the easiest projects I’ve made.  We love to enjoy the birds in the backyard and they are a big fan of this DIY bird feeder. Here’s how to make bird feeders out of mason jars.

mason Jar bird feeder DIY

My husband and I like to make birdhouses and feeders to attract the birds to the backyard. We love watching them feed and build nests. This DIY bird feeder was simple to assemble and the birds love it!

Using the copper to hang the feeder is completely optional. It will add to the cost, but it looks so pretty in the yard. Here’s how to make a bird feeder out of a mason jar.

Supplies (Mason Jar Bird Feeder Parts)

  • heavy gauge copper wire (optional)
  • large mason jar
  • chicken feeder attachment
  • pliers
  • birdseed
  • gloves (the wire is sharp when cut)
bird feeder made with a mason jar

The Mason Jar Or Other Canning Jar

I used a large mason jar to make this bird feeder with a wide mouth. The smaller 8 oz or 4 oz. jars will be too small for the chicken feeder. You can find Mason Jars and Birdseed at Walmart.

Chicken Feeder

Pay attention to the chicken feeder and be sure it has the same size opening as your Mason Jar. I took my mason jar to the feed supply store to make sure the chicken feeder attachment would fit. The opening is about 3 1/2 inches wide.

Copper Wire Options

You don’t have to use copper wire. You can also hang your feeder from twine.

Instructions For How To Make A Mason Jar Bird Feeder

  1. Bend in shape your wire using pliers. Cover the tip of the pliers with painter’s tape to prevent scratches on the wire.
  2. Roll the jar on the wire to get the correct shape.
  3. Once the wire part is done, fill the jar complete with birdseed.
  4. Attach the chicken feeder attachment to the top.
  5. In one quick motion, flip the feeder. Don’t do this slowly or the seed will spill out. 

If you look at the picture, you’ll see a spiral pattern near the poultry feeder.  I achieved this by putting some painter’s tape over a pair of pliers and wrapping the copper wire tightly in a circular pattern until I got the look I wanted.  

From there, I placed the jar on a towel so it wouldn’t slip and wrapped the wire around the jar as tightly as I could by rolling the jar along the wire.  The last section, which makes the hanging hook, was done by hand.  The reason I used the tape on the pliers is to keep the wire from being scratched. Copper is soft.

I wanted to mention that I immediately cut my finger a little bit on the end of the copper wire where the initial cuts were made.  Not bad, just a thick paper cut.

I’m going to use a file to soften that up a bit or squeeze the ends in a little with some pliers.  Please tape off the end of the wire while working with it so you don’t cut yourself. You can remove the tape at the end.

The one thing I don’t like about the feeder is the filling part.  You have to fill the jar, place it in the wire holder and then screw the poultry feeder to the top (so it’s upside down at this point).  Now, in one quick motion, you flip the feeder right side up.  Don’t do this slowly or you’ll lose all the birdseed!  

The birds love it so it will stay in the yard. The birds in our yard love black oil sunflower seeds. They’re a bit messy but they bring so many different types of birds.

I love to use mason jars for crafts. I use them to make my flower pot gnomes.

We’ve been working in the yard quite a bit lately. Be sure to check out our DIY table for the backyard and the outdoor gnomes we’ve been making.



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