Handmade Burlap Gift Bag

burlap gift bag

How To Make A Handmade Burlap Gift Bag

This handmade burlap gift bag can be used for so many things.  Today, I’m using mine for clever packaging to accompany my Mason Jar Bird Feeder.  They can be used for wedding favors, bridal showers, birthday gifts and more, the possibilities are endless.  I was wandering around my local craft store looking for some simple drawstring bags to put birdseed in but, of course, I couldn’t find any.  Determined to walk away successful, I decided on some beautiful, yet simple, wide burlap ribbon.  You can sew this on a sewing machine or use my idea of hand-stitching the bag together with some heavy-duty twine.

Here’s what I used to make the burlap gift bag:

  1. 5″ wide burlap ribbon
  2. a crochet hook
  3. contrasting twine
  4. ready-made gift tag (yellow with arrow)
  5. a miniature silk succulent

I cut the ribbon into approximately a 2′ section and folded it in half.  The fold will be the bottom of the bag.  Starting at the bottom of one side, I held the two pieces together tightly while I used the crochet hook to poke through the back side first, and then the front side of the ribbon.  I used the hook to pull the twine through the hole and then tied the first end of the twine off with a double knot.  I used the crochet hook again to make the next hole and pulled the twine through, wrapping it around the outer edge as pictured, until I got to the top.

handmade burlap bag

Once I got to the top, I tied the end of the twine off with a knot again and then repeated the process on the opposite side.  You’re just creating a wrap around stitch all the way up each side.  Now I have a bag with the top left open. You can either leave the tails at the bottom a little longer or cut them short and tight.  I opted for the purposely left long look.  I put birdseed in a clear bag first and then dropped it down inside my new burlap bird seed bag.  Using my ready-made gift tag, I hot glued a silk succulent to the tag, then tied the tag around the top of the bag.  I also tied it off with a piece of twine.  I wanted to be sure it stayed secure during shipping.  I used the clear bag inside the burlap bag to keep the birdseed from seeping out of the burlap.  It’s not 100% necessary if you’re using tightly weaved burlap, but it could make a mess if you don’t.  That’s it.  My cost per bag is only about $1.50 with all supplies included. I would love to hear what you’re going to use your handmade burlap gift bag for.  If you like what you’ve read here today, I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter using the link on the right side of this page.   Happy DIY-ing!



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