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How To Make A Burlap Bow For A Wreath Or Home Decor

a burlap bow on a wreath

I have a few different methods for how to make a burlap bow. A burlap bow is simple and classic looking, perfect for a wreath or other home decor project.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a burlap loop bow, how to make a bow out of burlap ribbon, how to tie a burlap bow, and, how to make a bow out of burlap fabric.

Supplies List

When deciding how to make a burlap bow for your project, consider how you’d like the bow to hang. Burlap can come tightly weaved or loosely woven.

Walmart has a great loose-weave burlap ribbon. I hope they never discontinue it! I also love the tight weave wired ribbon.

The supplies you’ll need make a burlap bow depend on the different types of burlap bows you want to make. My favorite burlap bows are made with burlap ribbon but I’ve also learned how to make a burlap bow with burlap fabric. More on that in this post.

How To Make Different Burlap Bows

There are several different styles of burlap bows but I’m going to show you the easy ways to make burlap bows. Burlap is thick and it may seem hard to make bows, but burlap bows are easy to make.

Maybe you’re here to learn how to make a burlap wreath bow. There are so many ways to use them. I also made a wreath out of burlap if you’d like to check that out while you’re here. Let’s get started!

How To Make A Burlap Loop Bow

Making a burlap loop bow with burlap ribbon is the easiest for this bow. This is my go-to for how to make a burlap bow for a wreath. I recommend using some wire, twine, or a matching pipe cleaner with this one because it holds the best. Hot glue is not the best for making a burlap loop bow.

This is my favorite DIY burlap bow for a wreath.

How To Make A Burlap Loop Bow step by step DIY burlap bow for a wreath

First, start by cutting a piece of burlap that is twice the length that you want your tails, fold it in half, and set it aside so it’s ready for the end.

To make the burlap loop bow, make the smallest loop that will be your center and pinch them together in the back. I’m right-handed so this may be the opposite for you. I hold about three inched out with my right hand and fold it under then pinch.

Create your next loop that will stick out from the right side of the center and fold the ribbon under and pinch again. Do the same thing on the other side, carefully measuring so the two loops are even on either side of the center loop you started with.

If they’re not even, fix them before you move on. Repeat this process making the next two loops a little larger, always folding the burlap under and pinching with each loop. Repeat until you get the desired fullness.

Hold everything together and slide twine or wire through the very first center loop and tie it around everything in the back. Don’t cut the wire or twine yet.

Take your tailpiece, gather it in the center, and add it to the back of the bow and tie the bow and tail together. If you can’t wire the bow onto your project, cut the wire and then attach the bow with a hot glue gun.

How To Make A Burlap Loop Bow

How To Tie A Burlap Bow

So how do you tie a burlap bow? I prefer a burlap bow that looks “tied” but it’s really not. I prefer this method over actually tying because the bow looks neater in the end. This one is the absolute easiest burlap bow to make.

Take a piece of burlap ribbon or fabric and lay it out straight. Fold the right side down at an angle and then fold the left side down over the top of the right. Pinch in the center at the bottom and then combine the top center to that and tie it or wire it together.

Pull each tail until both loops are the size you want. If you want a pretty center. Just cut another small piece and wrap it around the middle of the bow. Either glue it or staple it in the back.

How To Tie A Burlap Bow

If you really want to know how to tie a burlap bow, then lay your ribbon in the pattern in the picture below. Pinch to form two loops. Fold the left loop over, under, and through the right, almost like tying a shoe.

Pull it tight and then pull the tails until you get the loops the size you want. This is a simple burlap bow to make.

How to tie a bow

How To Make A Bow Using Burlap Fabric

This can be done but the edges will fray. If you’re making a rustic project like my Rustic Burlap Flower Wreath, you may not mind this look.

To keep the fraying at bay, cut long strips of burlap in the length and width you need to make a bow. Make sure you cut the strips a little wider than you want by maybe a half-inch. Cut this as straight as possible or use a ruler and rotary cutter.

To make a straight edge with burlap, start at one end and gently pull out a fiber all the way along the length of the burlap strip. If you don’t make it all the way before the fiber pulls out, go back and pull again on the next one.

The idea is you want to use a fiber as an edge. Once you’ve done this on both sides you’ll have a bunch of fibers sticking out on both sides but you have a nice edge now to use as a guide. Gently cut all of those fibers off so. you have a nice straight piece. You can see in one of the pictures I had to cut more than an inch off of one end.

Sealing the Edges

Use Mod Podge and a pouncer brush or sponge brush to gently pounce Mod Podge along the edges of the burlap, and hang it to dry completely before making a bow.

Cut your ends pretty, too, and also dab Mod Podge on them as well. This will seal the edges and make a homemade burlap ribbon. You’ll get little to no fraying if you take the time to seal the edges with Mod Podge.

I’ve never tried this yet, but I’ve heard you can also use regular glue mixed with a little water. Don’t quote me on that one!

How to make burlap ribbon

I bought my burlap fabric on Amazon and it works great for all of my craft projects.

Now that you’ve made your own burlap ribbon out of burlap fabric, you can make any bow you’d like. If you’re a fan of burlap, you may also like my Burlap Bubble Wreath DIY. Don’t forget to pin this image for later! And by the way, the Boxwood wreath can be found here.

Since you like the texture of burlap and probably already have burlap ribbon, check out these adorable DIY burlap gift bags and these easy burlap wreaths.

How To Make Easy Burlap Bows title to a post

If you’re a fan of burlap, like me, I also made some cute Christmas trees out of burlap. Here’s another style of burlap tree as well. If burlap flowers are more your style, you can learn to make several styles out of burlap.


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