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How To Make Glue Dry Faster: Time Saving Tips

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and need to speed up the drying process of a project so I’m sharing my tips and tricks for how to make glue dry faster.

You can make glue dry faster by using the appropriate glue for the project, using the right amount of glue, working in a well-ventilated area, and using air circulation to dry the glue.

In this post, you’ll learn some simple tips to speed up the drying time of glue and finish your project quicker.

quick dry Krazy glue

Use Fast-Drying Glue

One of the ways to make glue dry faster is to choose a quick-dry glue. Be sure to check for glue that works for the particular surface you’re trying to glue, like wood, glass, or metal.

There are several types of quick-dry glues on the market. If you haven’t started your project yet, be sure to select one that is made to dry quickly. Some dry extremely quickly so be sure to have everything in place before opening your glue and getting started.

Ethyl cyanoacrylate, commonly made by Superglue and Krazy Glue, dries extremely quickly when exposed to air. Heat is generally not necessary. Krazy Glue has a great FAQ section on their website.

If it’s too late and you already have your glue applied, here are some tips for how to make glue dry faster! Please remember that no matter which type of glue you choose, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If they suggest that you not use any of these methods, then please don’t use them.

Use The Right Amount of Glue

One of the most common reasons for glue drying too slow is applying too much glue, to begin with. When applying glue of any kind, you want to use enough to create a secure bond between one surface and another, but not too much. Too much glue can increase the drying time and cause two objects to separate from one another.

Whether you’re using polyurethane glue-like Original Gorilla Glue or typical wood glue, more is not better. A thin layer of glue creates a complete seal between two surfaces, such as wood or glass.

Dry Glue With A Blowdryer

Use a hairdryer to help the glue dry quicker. This works especially well for drying craft glue or glue-like products like Mod Podge. Be sure to read the precautions with any glue you choose to be sure that heat will not create a chemical reaction. You can generally speed up the drying process for epoxy glue with heat.

Using a cool or warm setting to increase airflow without adding extreme heat is suggested. For my DIY wall art, I made Mod Podge dry quicker using a hairdryer.

Use A Fan To Make Glue Dry Faster

If you don’t have time to hold a hairdryer, set up an oscillating fan to improve the drying times of glue. Proper airflow will help the glue dry quicker.

Warm Up The Objects You’re Gluing

If you’re working on a project in the winter or any other cold month, supplies may be exceptionally cold. Many types of glue require ventilation and bringing projects into your home is not always an option. Using a heater to bring items to room temperature will help create a good bond.

If your glue is safe for indoor use, consider turning up the thermostat if the house is too cold. Room temperature is recommended so it’s not necessary to get objects super hot.

Place Items In The Sun

If the weather is nice outside, use the warmth of the sun to help dry glue faster. Make sure you use clamps where applicable to hold surfaces together or they may separate. If a clamp won’t work, weigh the project down by using something heavy to hold two objects together.

Never Use A Heat Gun To Dry Glue

Glue should never need so much heat that a heat gun would be required. Heat guns look similar to a hairdryer but they get extremely hot very quickly. The tip of a heat gun will melt tables, burn wood and melt plastic or almost anything it touches.

Heat guns can be used for several household projects and crafts. They’re used for some rubber stamp projects, shrink-wrap gift baskets, and also shrink foil or plastic seals on containers.

When you want glue to dry quickly, you don’t want it to get exceptionally hot. This can actually reverse the process of making the glue dry by making it get overheated and melt.

Follow The Glue Manufacture’s Instructions

Reading the fine print can be daunting, but many times the answer is right on the bottle. The manufacturer will give the best tips for not only getting the best results from their particular glue but many times they give tips for making their glue dry quickly.

Patience is your best friend when waiting for glue to dry. You can ruin a project by trying to go too fast. You can make glue dry quicker but for the best results, wait the appropriate amount of time for the best success.

If you’re working with Elmer’s glue, here is another resource for how to dry Elmer’s Glue Fast.

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