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How To Make Christmas Trees With Quilt Batting

I love to make cone-shaped trees and I came up with this idea on a whim. I was digging through my craft stash looking for new materials to make some trees and I created this DIY cone Christmas tree. Come learn how to make Christmas trees with quilt batting!

DIY Cone Christmas Tree Made with quilt batting

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I’ve been spending way too much time looking at best-selling craft supplies lately and my mind is spinning with new ideas. This weekend I came up with this fun Christmas craft. The trees are quite simple to make but they look so luxurious and plush. You can make one in just a few minutes. I made mine for Christmas but it could be used any time of year!

Supplies For A Cone Tree Made With Quilt Batting

How To Make The Cone Christmas Tree With Quilt Batting

Start by getting a rough measurement of the bottom of your cone. Cut a long 3-inch strip of batting by the length you need to go all the way around the bottom of your cone. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and put a bead of hot glue only along one long edge. Just a thin strip of glue on the outer edge will do.

Cut slits in the fold side, but not all the way through. When you’re done gluing the strip, you’re ready to attach the first layer.

Glue the first layer on the bottom of the cone and cut off the excess. You will barely see where the two pieces meet.

How to make a christmas trees with quilt batting
I missed the original photo but here is what the seam will look like.

Measure your next layer and just repeat these steps until you get to the top. Each strip will continue to get a bit shorter as you go.

Making The Top of The DIY Cone Tree With Quilt Batting

When I got to the top, I cut a small circle out of the quilt batting. A held it over the top and pointed my glue gun underneath in a few spots to glue it down. You could make a decorative top if you’d like, but I loved the monotone look.

Tree Stand Ideas For Cone Trees

I have used so many different things for cone tree stands. Look around your house and you’ll find several. You can turn a terra cotta pot upside down, turn a candle holder upside down, use a vintage spool, or even a vintage egg cup. I also love mini cupcake stands as well!

I hope you loved these DIY trees with quilt batting. I have an entire post about making DIY Cone Christmas trees. Be sure to check out the others that I’ve made. Let me know if you make one!



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