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DIY Succulent Kits: Fun Gifts For Plant Lovers

DIY succulent kits are affordable and sustainable gifts for friends, family, and plant lovers! These kits come ready-made or you can DIY your own kits with succulents and a few other simple supplies. I’ll show you how to make DIY succulent kits and where to buy kits with succulents.

DIY Succulent Kits, Make Your Own Succulent Kits Or Favors (graphics)

I love to put together gifts myself, but sometimes a quick and easy ready-made kit is the way to go! There are many beautiful succulent kits that you can ship directly to your friends or family. (They also give you great ideas for making your own DIY kits!)

Stay tuned, because I’ll also show you how easy it is to assemble your own DIY succulent kits!

Kits With Succulents

These succulent kits are perfect for when you need a quick gift. They take the guesswork out of how to ship live plants. These stores already know how to ship them and can make gifting easy peasy!

Succulent Kit with matches and a candle
Succulent Kit From Etsy

They have succulent kits for all kind of occassions! They make great gifts!

Ready-Made DIY Succulent Kits

Some kits come with succulents while other kits are meant to give you everything you need, except the succulents themselves. Here are a few great shopping options no matter how you want to build your own succulent kit.

Succulent Kits And Supplies

Here's a list of ready-made succulent kits from Amazon and supplies you can use to make a DIY succulent kit at home.

How To Make DIY Succulent Kits

Making a succulent DIY kit is easy. You can buy things in bulk and make several kits at once if you need to make quite a few. Here are some things that are fun to add.


Succulents can be purchased on Etsy, most home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot, and nurseries.

This is my favorite succulent garden center in Morro Bay, California.

succulents displayed at a nursery

Small Pots For Succulents

Terra cotta pots are popular for succulents but you can use any pot that has a drainage hole. I like to choose pots that also come with a matching saucer to catch water and protect furniture easily. Here are some pretty plant pots with drainage holes and matching saucers.

If you use terra cotta inside, be sure to put a cork mat underneath, even if you use a terra cotta saucer.

Terra cotta pots for succulents and plants stacked on shelves at a nursery

Miniature Gardening Tools

Here are a few choices I found on Amazon! Some of these can be broken up into a couple of different gifts.

Soil and Pebbles

To make the succulent kits fun and interactive, you can provide soil and let the recipient get their hands dirty and plant their own succulents. The soil and pebbles can be portioned into separate cellophane bags or small plastic containers.

Shipping Succulents

If your succulent is already planted in a pot, you can tape newspaper around the stem and pot to keep the soil inside. Cushion the plant with paper as well. They do pretty well when shipped.

Depending on how far you have to ship them, you may want to consider Priority Mail so they arrive quicker. If you’re shipping across the country, UPS and FedEx Ground can take up to 7 days. USPS priority mail can take 2 – 4 days.

Shipping a live succulent that isn’t potted is also easy. Just cushion and wrap the stems before shipping.

If you love growing plants, be sure to check out my iDOO Hydroponic Growing Review. It’s a fun hobby for plant lovers!

Happy planting,


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