DIY Outdoor Table Ideas With Concrete Cinder Blocks

Make this quick and beautiful DIY outdoor table with concrete cinder blocks for your patio. Simple DIY outdoor table designs with a chic, industrial look at a fraction of the cost of typical outdoor furniture.

Decorating a patio on a budget can be challenging, especially with the rising costs of outdoor furniture. Today I have some simple DIY table ideas for your patio or even for a rustic look inside your home.

DIY Concrete Cinder Block Table Idea

This table was so easy to put together. It’s a simple DIY outdoor side table and it’s lasted on our patio for years. We used 9 cinder blocks and two pieces of ceramic plank floor tile. The table washes off with a garden hose and we didn’t even use glue. We’re loving this cinder block outdoor table.

I recommend having a second person on hand to balance each row so the blocks don’t tip over onto your toes. You just need someone for a minute until you can get the second layer in place. At first, we were going to glue these but we found it wasn’t necessary. There are two styles of concrete blocks, we used these concrete blocks.

The photo is pretty self-explanatory on how we stacked them. The tricky part is that someone has to hold the blocks on the second row until the third row is secure. They are heavy, so be careful, were gloves and closed-toed shoes!

We used two wood-look ceramic floor plank tiles and they are just sitting on top. We’ve had no issues with them sliding and we actually prefer them being loose so we can remove them occasionally to vacuum in and around the table when leaves collect. The tiles we used are about 39 inches x 8 inches each. Lowe’s had a section of open box tiles which is nice because we only had to buy 2 tiles instead of an entire box.

This project was around $20 for everything. If you want to add plants to the holes, the project will cost a little more, but not much.

DIY Concrete Cinder Block End Table Idea

We’ve been updating the patio with new furnishings. We added two new benches and added some pretty outdoor toss pillows. We need some additional tables and I had purchased three extra cinder blocks so I made this cute DIY outdoor side table. I didn’t put tile on this one yet and I may not. This end table is temporary while I wait for some others to arrive. For now, it gives us a little place to set a drink down.


I hope you enjoyed these simple cinder block tables. They are a great way to save some money on garden furniture.

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  1. That’s a great idea ..
    my hubby is forever throwing away blocks . I may just use some 😊
    Nice job!!

  2. I agree with you, patio furniture is outrageous! We have been shopping for some ourselves, your tables are perfect for an outdoor area and how cute you have them styled. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Love your concrete table ideas, Denise! If this didn’t bring back fond childhood memories! My dad loved making things out of concrete blocks! He was quite the handyman when it came to making things for his girls! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! The tables are seriously cute and look like it would be easy to put together. On a side note, I could kick myself for not realizing that I could BUY something made of concrete and put it together for this challenge. lol! Great ideas, thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tammy! I laughed while reading your comment. I guess I cheated a bit. lol 🙂

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