Burlap Easter Egg – An Easy DIY

burlap easter egg

This Burlap Easter Egg DIY was so easy to make.  You’ll need just a few simple things and about 10 minutes of your time.

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What you’ll need to make a burlap Easter egg DIY:

  1. 5″ wide burlap ribbon
  2. small piece of chicken wire (1″ holes)
  3. contrasting fabric or ribbon (optional)
  4. wire cutters and scissors
  5. Wood plaque (optional)

*Remember that the chicken wired edges are sharp, so please wear protective goggles.  Also, don’t wear your best sweater because you’re probably going to snag it!  Gloves are probably a good idea, too.

Start by cutting a rectangle piece of chicken wire. You’re going to have to take a look at the piece to get a judge of where you want to start.  Until you get the hang of it, you may even want to cut a shape out of paper first and lay it on the chicken wire so you can visualize your path.  I’m including a video because it’s a lot easier than reading this!

From the underside of the wire, pull a small loop up through the back.  Keep pulling small loops by creating the small bubble shapes.  Follow your path to create your desired shape.  In this case, it’s an Easter egg.

I used a contrasting fabric to create stripes.  Once you’re all done pulling your burlap through the entire shape, you can fish the contrasting fabric up through the holes and create more loops in the pattern you want.  You can see I did two purple stripes.  You can also easily create polka dots.

After you’re all done with your Burlap Easter Egg DIY, you’re going to need to cut the excess chicken wire.  Don’t cut any pieces that are touching your burlap or fabric.  Cut around the edges and then fold the wire underneath so it’s on the back.

This picture below shows the Burlap Easter Egg attached to a wooden frame.  I would love to see someone attach several to a wood background.  I’m envisioning a tall narrow board with three eggs attached or a large wide board with several attached.

Please be sure to tag me in your posts, Pinterest pins, or Instagram stories if you make my Burlap Easter Egg.  I want to see!  Use #HootshackInspired so I can find you!



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