DIY Plastic Easter Egg Garland

Making a DIY plastic Easter egg garland is a cute and easy way to add budget-friendly Easter decorations to your home. Whether you like them neutral or you love the bright Easter colors, I have a few different styles for you that are so easy to make!

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Garland Supplies List

  • plastic Easter eggs – I got mine at Dollar Tree
  • twine or ribbon to string the eggs on
  • a needle with a large eye (but not too big that it won’t fit through the egg holes)
  • ribbon or bulap (optional)
  • silk plants (optional).

What Kind Of Plastic Easter Eggs Work Best ?

When you’re shopping for plastic easter eggs for your garland, be sure to grab the ones that have little holes in the ends. This makes the project so simple and you get a beautiful Easter decoration for your mantel or anywhere else in your home.

If you already have eggs and they don’t have holes, just snap the eggs shut on the twine. I tried this with cotton twine and it worked great. The eggs didn’t fall off, they just hang in a different direction.

DIY Easter Garland With Plastic Eggs

How To Make A Plastic Easter Egg Garland

Making an Easter egg garland is pretty easy. Just sort out your colors in an order that you like and string the eggs on twine using a needle. You’ll need a needle with a larger eye to fit twine through. Pop the eggs open so it’s easier to fish the needle through then close the eggs back up.

Some eggs have two holes on each end, make sure to use holes that are in alignment or the eggs will hang slightly crooked. I didn’t do this so you can probably see what I mean by looking at the picture.

Colorful Plastic Easter Egg Garland DIY

Decorating The Garland

This is completely optional, but you can add cute embellishments to your Easter garland to create different variations. Tying strips of ribbon between each egg, or even every couple of eggs, adds a little character.

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Garland with white speckled eggs

I used a piece of 2″ wired ribbon cut in half lengthwise. The pieces were 8″ long. I also made an all white egg garland and tied pieces of cut burlap ribbon and added a piece of a bowood pick. To make your garland a little “extra”, you can even make tassels to add to the ends.

cut ribbon

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Plastic Easter Egg Garland.



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