How To Make A Tulip Wreath DIY

I love a good DIY and today I wanted to share how to make a tulip wreath. I had read a lot of blog posts about how to make a tulip wreath, but they just weren’t quite my style. I knew I wanted to make a white tulip wreath, but I wanted something larger for over our guest bed. I came up with the perfect idea for how to make a tulip wreath large enough for my space but also super cheap!.

There are a lot of white tulip wreaths that you can buy all over the web but I love the process of making things myself. There is no right or wrong when it comes to making white tulip wreaths, or any color for that matter, it just needs to suit your style. I had a place over our guest bed that was begging for a wreath so I decided a white tulip wreath would be perfect for Spring and Summer. Since I wanted something pretty big, I started the search for a large wreath form.

While waiting in line at Michael’s to buy the white tulips, I walked by the perfect large wreath form. Yessss!!! I finally found the perfect tulip hoop wreath form! I couldn’t wait to get home and make my tulip wreath.

White Tulip Wreath DIY Supplies

  • Hula Hoop – They are not available online at Michael’s when I’m posting so I linked another
  • White tulips – Michael’s usually always has a sale! I got mine 50% off!
  • Florist wire or florist tape – I used tape
  • Wire Cutters
  • Spray paint is optional

How To Make A Tulip Wreath DIY

My hula hoop was rainbow-colored. I knew those colors were going to show through, so I ended up using a can of spray paint I had to paint it gold. While I was making the tulip hoop wreath, I realized that dark green would have been a better choice but I used what I had on hand. If you decide to paint yours, just pick a color close to the color of the tulips or the leaves.

The white tulips I used to make the tulip wreath DIY were on a pick so I cut them all off. I didn’t like the look of several bunches tied on. I tried that at first but it was too full for my liking. If you like that look, this could be even quicker for you, but you’ll need more bunches of white tulips. I used 8 bunches of tulips for this large floral hoop wreath and I had just enough. I was starting to panic at the end that I wouldn’t have enough, so maybe buy one or two more picks just in case!

How To Attach The Tulips

I started by slightly bending each tulip stem that I’d cut off to give it a barely arched form. I knew the flowers would lay on the wreath easier this way. I used floral tape to wrap around each stem one at a time, pulling the leaves out of the way so they weren’t taped down. Try to wrap around the straight stem parts only.

How To make a tulip wreath showing the tulips cut off
How to make a tulip wreath DIY showing wrapping the stems on the wreath form

This process took maybe twenty minutes to work my way around the entire tulip hula hoop wreath. I attached the tulips in the same direction all the way around. In the end, I went back through and added the last stray tulips in a different direction to fill in.

how to make tulip wreath with florist tape

This tulip hoop wreath DIY was really THAT easy. So would you make a tulip hula hoop wreath or are you more inclined to buy a white tulip wreath? Here are some beautiful white tulip wreaths that I found online!

Here is where I hung my tulip hoop wreath DIY!

How To Make A Tulip wreath

This has been a busy weekend for DIY posts. I also finished up my burlap flowers DIY which also shows how to make a burlap floral bouquet. Be sure to check that post as well!

When I was young, I was a hula hoop champ. Before making this wreath, I gave the hula hoop a go to see if I still “had it”. Let’s just say that I’m glad the hula hoop was put to good use with this hula hoop tulip wreath DIY instead!



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    1. I love a good deal! I looked and couldn’t find them when I went. I appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  1. I have so many ideas for this – I love tulips and use faux a lot during the spring – thinking a smaller one for me next year.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love tulips any time of year. Your tutorial is perfection. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I actually tried to “hula hoop” the other day and failed miserably 😀 Love your beautiful wreath, Denise. It’s so classy

  4. Love this and am going to have to try it myself!! And same with the hula hooping lately. When did it get so hard??😭

  5. Ha, I don’t think I could hula hoop either at this stage in my life! And I do have one I can put to this use; it’s very pretty 🙂

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