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My Best DIY Garland Ideas

Felt leaf garland with eggs

My Best DIY Garland Ideas are all summed up into one post! I love how easy they are and it’s fun to come up with a new idea for each season. I’m not one to decorate a lot for each holiday but if the mantel is decorated, then things are festive enough for me.

Adding a simple DIY garland to your mantel, buffet table, mirror or even a tree is an easy way to add a splash of seasonal home decor without breaking the bank. There are so many fun ideas in this post and as a bonus, I’ve added a bunch of DIY garland ideas from some fellow bloggers. So keep scrolling!

Most of the supplies can be found at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Crafts. You may have several items in your craft stash at home.

My Best DIY Garland Ideas

I also wanted to share some other easy garland ideas from other creative bloggers!

Other DIY Garland Ideas

To store your garlands, just wrap them around a square of cardboard to keep them from tangling and store them in plastic containers or in a drawer to keep them clean.

I prefer plastic containers so I don’t have to worry about moths or other critters getting to them. I can store quite a few in one container. As another quick tip, label your containers appropriately and store holidays close to each other in one container.

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