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Dollar Tree Bicycle Or Wagon Wheel Wreath

You can make some of the most beautiful bicycle or wagon wheel wreaths for any season. I’m sure you’ve seen images of bicycle or wagon wheel wreaths floating around the web. They are quite pretty and super easy to make.

Dollar Tree Bicycle or wagon wheel wreath with white and purple flowers and a burlap bow
Wagon Wheel Wreath DIY

The first thing you’re going to need to make wagon wheel wreaths is a wheel (of course). You can find wheel wreath frames at Dollar Tree sometimes and I used one in this post, but there are other wheel wreath forms I like to use so let me share a few.

You may also be able to find a used wheel from a local bike shop or thrift store. Maybe there’s even one in the garage on that bicycle that “you’re going to ride someday” and nobody will even know it’s missing. 😉

Bicycle or Wagon Wheel Wreath Supplies

  • Dollar Tree Bicycle or Wagon wheel wreath frame- For something beautiful and unique buy an antique wheel!
  • Florist wire
  • Silk Flowers – I found mine at Dollar Tree but Hobby Lobby also has them
  • A wood bead or button (optional for the center)
  • A burlap bow (learn how to make a burlap bow here)

How To Make A Bicycle or Wagon Wheel Wreath

We all love easy DIY projects and this wagon wheel wreath definitely falls into this category. I used three white Lilac picks and 1 German Statice pick to create this wreath. Everything was secured with florist wire and it was seriously so easy!

I glued a large split wooden bead to the center but you can use a button or just leave it the way it is.

Dollar Tree bicycle or wagon Wheel wreath frame

Cutting the stems off of the picks makes them easier to work with. Arrange the flowers the way you like them and attach them to the wagon wheel wreath form with floral wire.

Showing how to make a Dollar Tree bicycle or wagon wheel wreath with flowers

The touch of purple from the silk German Statice is a nice pop of color but I didn’t want to overdo it. I just added 2 stems on each side. (not the entire pick, just the stems). You can use any flower that you’d like.

showing more steps for how to make a Bicycle or wagon wheel wreath with purple and white flowers
Dollar Tree Bicycle wheel wreath with flowers and burlap bow hanging on an old door. It's also called a Dollar tree Wagon Wheel wreath.
Bicycle Wheel Wreath DIY

Add a simple burlap bow and this DIY Wagon or Bicycle Wheel Wreath is ready for the front door. You may also enjoy my DIY Sunflower wreath.

Can you believe how easy that is?

Since Spring is in the air, I thought you’d enjoy visiting some friends to see what they’ve been up to for Spring. Terrie is our wonderful host that puts together a monthly challenge. Be sure to check out her blog and my other friends below.




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  1. This is so cute!!! I would have never thought to do this but am completely loving it!!!! Such a great project!

  2. This is stunning!! I love this and can see myself doing this project for myself .. Great job done!

    1. Thank you, Terrie. I’m glad I sparked some inspiration. I got some great ideas from everyone this week!

  3. This is just the cutest thing ever ..
    I can se myself doing this .. love it and great Job!!

  4. Denise, what a pretty wreath. I love the wood bead in the middle – such a cute detail. The flowers are the perfect scale and amount. Definitely going to look at my Dollar Tree for the wheel.

  5. What a sweet and pretty way to create a wreath, Denise! Wheels seems to be the hot trend in wreaths these days and yours is absolutely adorable!

  6. Very creative! It’s nice that the flowers can be changed with the seasons too.