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How To Make Snow Globe Ornaments: DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

Today I’ll show you how to make snow globe Christmas ornaments in less than 5 minutes. They look really pretty on your Christmas tree but I also love the way they look hanging from a mantel or in a kitchen window with your holiday decor.

supplies for making snow globe ornaments

I love making my own DIY Christmas decorations. These ornaments went viral on Pinterest but I hadn’t written about how they’re made. Oops!

Here are the supplies and instructions for making DIY Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments.


Supplies For DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

Dollar Tree had all of the supplies needed, but you can also find the supplies at other stores like Hobby Lobby, Dollar General or other dollar stores, or local craft stores:

Supplies for making snow globe Christmas ornaments

How To Make Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments Step-By-Step

You may want to paint the circle on the bottom of the tree to match the snow. I forgot this part and the wood circle stands out. I recommend painting it white on the bottom.

  1. Remove the top of the ornament and set it aside.
  2. Test to make sure the bottom of the tree will fit through the ornament hole. You may need to chip some away with wire cutters.
  3. Add your tree or other decorations. Pinch the tree tip with the pliers and make sure you have a very firm grip on the top inch of the tree. Don’t drop it! Before gluing, make sure your pliers are long enough for the tree to reach the bottom of the ornament then pull the tree back out.
  4. Put glue on the bottom of the tree and push it through the hole and glue it to the bottom. Hold the tree in place with the pliers until the glue is dry.
  5. Dump the fake snow inside but don’t dump too much. You still want to see part of the stem.
  6. Replace the top of the ornament.
  7. The last step is to hang your ornaments and enjoy them!
making a snow globe ornament
Making snow globe christmas ornaments by adding a small tree
Making a snow globe ornament
adding snow to a snow globe Christmas ornament
DIY Snow globe Christmas ornament

Be sure to wrap plastic Christmas ornaments when packing them up each year because they will scratch easily. Glass ornaments are clearer, but also more expensive and fragile. Choose what works best for your budget.

Since you like making ornaments, here’s a couple more you may enjoy:

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I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a snow globe bauble with me!

Happy crafting,


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