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One Room Challenge Week 5 Fall 2020

Soft Gray Velvet Quilted Bedding and Miss June loves it!

It’s time for the One Room Challenge Week 5 update on our guest room and whew… this week has been a doozy! This is a story for a different day, but to sum it up, my husband suffered a compression fracture of his spine and dislocated his shoulder on Halloween night. My immediate reaction was to delete my first 4 weeks of posts and just drop out of the One Room Challenge, but after thinking about it, I decided to keep trying to see if I could make this happen on my own. This year has just been a year that keeps on giving!

This week the bedding arrived and I’m happy with the choice. Winter is coming so I chose a velvet, gray quilted bedcover. I had originally thought I was going to go with something in the beige family. I took the beige comforter off of our master bed and spread it out in the guest room we’re re-doing. The beige did not look good with the new rug at all and I’m so glad I tried the beige first. The gray definitely looks so much better!

Here’s what the bed is looking like so far. The velvet comforter is so soft. I actually ordered it in a king size for two reasons. (the bed is full size).

  1. I wanted to be sure everything tucked in really well
  2. I wanted to be able to steal this for my own bed at some point. 😉
Pardon the mess! We’re under construction here 😉 I wanted to show you the leg on the bed and the tucked bedding.

Things we’ve completed so far:

I’m not sure if the shams are staying.

Things I still need to do:

  • Purchase a curtain rod and window coverings
  • Complete the DIY picture hanger that I’ll share later if it works! It’s a Pottery Barn dupe!
  • Select print(s) for the wall behind the bed
  • Choose a nightstand or two
  • Decide on lamps or wall lights
  • Do I need a bench?
  • Order the little things that complete a room
  • Hang the light
  • Paint the closet doors – I’ve got to be honest on this one, Photoshop may have to work until we have some recovered bodies in our home!
The One Room Challenge Is Sponsored By Better Homes & Gardens

I probably shouldn’t have typed this list right before bed. I’m one that will be up all night making decisions at 3 am! (Did I mention I’m having shoulder surgery myself in January? Well, I have to do all of this with a wounded arm and without my partner in crime. Yikes!) Thank you again for following along. I’ll have more updates and a final reveal in the next couple of weeks so be sure to check-in.

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  1. Thank you. Just one more week and this challenge will be done. I’m loving the room so far and am excited to finally complete a room!

  2. Oh my but it sounds like you have had a rough week. I’m not sure how you got the energy to move forward with this challenge this week but I’m think you will be glad you did when the room is all completed! Your bedding choice actually brings out the colors in the rug. I hope your partner in crime is feeling better soon so he can help with this daunting project.