Wood Dough Bowl Centerpiece Ideas

Decorative wood dough bowls come in all shapes and sizes and have endless possibilities for decorating them. Before we get to the wood dough bowl centerpiece ideas, let’s take a look at some wood dough bowl options.

What Is A Dough Bowl?

Dough bowls were originally used to knead and make dough for bread. Now they have become staple decorative pieces in many homes. They are beautiful and unique and fit into almost any home decor style.

Wooden Dough Bowls

You can find small wood dough bowls for use on a coffee table, end table, or even to collect keys on an entry table. The most common colors are brown dough bowls and white dough bowls.

They have a lot of wood dough bowls on Amazon but you can also find them at Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and even Etsy. I tend to be more thrifty (most of the time), but the Pottery Barn dough bowls are so unique and beautiful!

Wooden Dough bowl Centerpiece Ideas
Dough Bowl Fall Decor Ideas

Long Wooden Dough Bowls

Long wood dough bowls look great on a kitchen island, a dining room table, or even an entry table. They are generally oblong but you can also find dough bowls in unique shapes.

Wood Dough Bowl Candles

Wooden dough bowl candles are beautiful and you don’t even have to style them. They even make scented wood dough bowl candles. Here are a few dough bowls with candles:

How To Decorate A Dough Bowl

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating a wooden dough bowl. You can fill the bowl with potpourri and large seed pods for a very simple way to style a dough bowl.

I’ve decorated dough bowls for almost every holiday. Christmas dough bowl centerpieces are my favorite.

wooden dough bowl centerpiece on a dining room table

Wood Dough Bowl Filler Ideas

You can use faux or fresh flowers, potpourri, candles, seed pods, wood bead garlands and so much more to use as wooden dough bowl filler ideas. Here are some great fillers:

Wood Dough Bowl Filler Ideas
Fall Dough Bowl

Build a scene by adding plants, flowers, wood beads, and candlesticks. If you add candles, just be sure you select a very level surface of the dough bowl. Sometimes they are a little uneven on the surface just due to the way they are carved. A jar candle would work well.

You can make your dough bowl unique by adding simple handles or creating risers. I used two plain white bowls and spray-painted a gold rim on them to raise up my dough bowl. This created the modern rustic decor feel I was going for and it was super affordable to make.

I’ll update this post with more images throughout the year so be sure to check back.

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