How To Make A Sunflower Wreath

Today I’ll show you how to make a sunflower wreath in a few different ways. I hope you find one that suits your personal style.

I love a pretty sunflower wreath for Summer decorating and I’ve made quite a few of them. Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to make a DIY sunflower wreath. You can find the wreath frame and the sunflower heads on my Amazon storefront.

How to Make a Sunflower Wreath With Sunflower Heads

You can buy packs of sunflower heads without the stems and leaves to make a dramatic wreath for your front door. I purchase my sunflowers for crafts on Amazon, but you may also be able to find them at places like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s crafts.

I like to use a simple wreath frame, but a wire wreath frame will also work. When I use wire wreaths, I typically wrap the frame in ribbon or fabric to make the flowers easier to glue on, but with larger sunflowers, this isn’t always necessary.

Simply arrange the sunflowers the way you like them and then attach them with a hot glue gun. This is an easy sunflower wreath to make.

DIY Wooden Bead Sunflower Wreath

I love wooden bead wreaths and I’ve made several. Be sure to buy the split wooden beads instead of the round ones. The split wood beads are easier to work with and you can use them on several styles of wreath frames.

If you want to make your life easier, you can now buy ready-made wood bead wreaths. Yes!

DIY Sunflower Wreath With Wooden Beads
This Wreath Can Be Purchased by visiting SweetGianna Etsy shop

Take a look at my other wood bead wreaths to get an idea of how to make a wreath like this. Choose the size of wood beads that fit your style.

Embroidery hoops are what I prefer as a wreath frame because it’s easily hidden behind the beads. Once all of the beads are attached and the glue is dry, flip the wreath over and add more glue to the seams of the beads on the back to make sure they don’t come loose.

You can use sunflower heads or a pretty sunflower pick that has a combination of sunflowers and greenery.

DIY Grapevine Wreath With Sunflowers

Grapevine wreath frames already have great texture so I love to use them. You can add sunflowers sparsely to let the grapevine wreath show through or cover it completely for a more dramatic look.


A glue gun works best but I also use zip ties, florist wire, or pipe cleaners to attach flowers so I can reuse the wreath frame for another season.

There’s a lot of texture in this wreath. If you look closely, I’ve used faux branches, feathers, faux blackberries, and silk greenery. Get creative and use what you have or buy a faux flower pick that has different textures mixed in.

How To Make A Sunflower Wreath With Burlap

To make a burlap sunflower wreath, you may need to watch my burlap bubble wreath video. I need to warn you in advance that I’m not the best video maker and it’s a bit shaky.

In case you don’t want to try making one, you can purchase one at a very reasonable price on Etsy.

A burlap wreath with sunflowers and a welcome sign

After you make the wreath, you can just add sunflowers to it by gluing them directly to the burlap or using florist wire to attach the sunflowers directly to the wire wreath frame.

So how do you make a sunflower wreath? I’m always looking for new ideas so be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.

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There are so many different sunflower wreath ideas. I’m sure you’ll find one you love!

Happy crafting,


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