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How To Make Flowers Out Of Book Pages

Today you’ll learn how to make flowers out of book pages! These easy book page flowers can be used on so many DIY crafts.

Book page flowers wreath

DIY book page flowers are not complicated to make. You can make simple book page roses in less than one minute per rose, which can be used to make a paper wreath or garland.

At the end of this tutorial, I have a bonus book wreath tutorial video so stay tuned! Be sure to Pin this for later! Your pins are greatly appreciated and help this page grow.

Text reads "book page wreath and flowers tutorial". A book page wreath hanging from black ribbon.

How To Make Flowers With Book Pages

When making book page flowers, remember that no two flowers are alike. Just cut them out and don’t worry if each flower isn’t cut exactly the same. Here are the steps for how to make flowers out of old book pages, and pictures follow:

  1. Carefully tear out your book pages
  2. If your book pages are large enough, cut the pages in half for smaller flowers (my pages were 9 x 5 1/2 inches). For larger flowers use the full page.
  3. Cut the squares into circles by rounding off the corners
  4. Cut the circles into spirals leaving a round dot in the center
  5. Beginning on the tip of the outer edge, roll up the flower until you get to the center, keeping the edges of the bottom of the flower aligned
  6. Add glue to the dot in the center and fold it over onto the bottom of the flower
  7. Hold the flower in place until the glue sets
how to make flowers out of book pages instructions step-by-step
making flowers out of book pages tutorial

Remember that book pages are thin. The glue is hot through the pages! You can double or triple the thickness of the flowers if you’d like. This helps keep the glue from being too hot on your fingers.

Follow the same process, only stack 2 – 3 circles on top of each other when cutting the spiral.

How To Make Book Page Flowers Different Sizes

To make larger book page flowers, before gluing the bottom, hold the flower and gently release the spiral a bit at a time to allow the flower to get a little larger.

book page flowers

If it opens up too much of a circle in the center, you can make another small flower to fit down inside and glue the two together.

How Do You Make Roses Out Of Book Pages?

To make tighter rosettes out of book pages, stack three circles and cut your spiral into a more narrow width. I cut my spiral about one inch. Reduce it to 1/2″ and roll the spirals tighter to create a more perfect-looking rose.

You can also cut off the circle on the first spiral and add a second spiral to make an even larger flower!

Crafts With Book Page Flowers

Book wreath

You can make several crafts with book page flowers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Book Page Flower Ideas

Rather than a round wreath, you could make a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine’s Day, a wedding or bridal shower, or for your bedroom decor. Other crafts to make with book page flowers:

  • paper garlands
  • decorate mason jars
  • decorate around a mirror
  • disposable napkin rings
DIY paper Valentine's Day wreath made with book page flowers

A Book Page Flower Wreath Tutorial Video

Now that you’ve learned how to make flowers out of a book, I hope you enjoy this wreath video tutorial!

Here are some other book page wreaths I’ve made:

Book Page Wreath DIY

Curled Book Paper Wreath

Book Page Wreaths

Happy crafting,


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