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How To Use Old Door Knobs

how to use old door knobs

How To Use Old Door Knobs For Window Decor

I’ve had these old door knobs that I’ve been hanging on to and could never find a use for them.  While making my Easy Burlap Window Shades, an idea popped into my head about how to use them.  My husband was my savior on this one because he came up with the idea of how to attach the knobs.

If your set screws aren’t seized up, you can remove the extra hardware that you won’t need.  See this picture below, it shows you what a set screw is and also shows the long metal piece from the doorknob that will need to be removed.  This particular knob was extremely stubborn so this set screw is going to have to be drilled out.  All of the others played along nicely.

how to use old door knobs

We bought 5/16″ hanger bolts and glued them into place.  They fit pretty well in almost all of the knobs.  A couple of them were too tight so we drilled the hole a little larger with a drill bit.  Your knobs may take a different size. Take the knobs with you to the hardware store so you get the right size.

how to use old door knobs

Before screwing the knobs into your shade, lift the front flap of the shade up and pre-drill a hole.  Don’t drill directly through your fabric!  The fabric will catch on the drill bit and snag it, or wrap it up completely.  It’s a mess, trust me.  After you pre-drill the hole, let the fabric back down and use a screwdriver to gently push a hole through the fabric.  Now you can just twist the knob into place.

I’m excited about these because old doorknobs can be used for so many other things.  I’m going to find more knobs so I can use them for decorative wreath hangers for my Burlap Bubble Wreaths! Now I have a bunch of old door knobs repurposed for more DIY doorknob projects.

If you make a project with old doorknobs, let me know in the comments below!

how to use old door knobs for decorative window trim

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