Metal Hoop Wreath DIY (Easy & Simple Floral Design)

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A floral hoop wreath is a simple and beautiful wreath for your front door or any room in your home. A metal hoop wreath DIY is perfect for any style or season. This is an easy DIY wreath that can be made in minutes.

I love a modern hoop wreath, but you can create any style you’d like including a Spring wreath, a Fall hoop wreath, a farmhouse wreath, a succulent wreath, or even an artificial pine wreath for Christmas. You can make a new wreath quickly for any season or holiday.

Metal hoop wreaths are so fun to make. I’m going to be making one soon using these realistic-looking coffee filter flowers.

I have a few different DIY hoop wreath ideas for you later in this post!

Metal Hoop Wreath DIY Supplies

You may have many of these items in your craft supplies, but if not, you can find everything you need at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s crafts, or any local craft store.

  • Floral stems
  • Wire cutters
  • Metal wreath form
  • Glue gun
  • Floral tape – keeps flowers from spinning on the metal wreath
  • Floral wire or pipe cleaner
  • Ribbon, twine, or yarn for hanging or just a gold or matching nail

Many times you’ll find a gold ring, but you can use spray paint to paint the metal wreath frame any color you want. Another common color is silver.

DIY Metal Hoop Wreath Step-by-step Instructions

I found the simple way to arrange your artificial flowers is to cut the stems off of floral picks so you can arrange the flowers exactly the way you want them. Floral picks are generally too bushy for this type of wreath so separating them is key.

  1. Arrange your flower stems in a way that you like around the wire wreath frame with your larger flowers towards the center of the design and smaller flowers and other stems towards the outer edges. Your floral design can be arranged at the top of the wreath, at the bottom of the wreath, or off to one side.
  2. Lay some silk flowers and faux greenery in one direction and turn others in the opposite direction of the others.
  3. Once you get things arranged the way you want, the next step will be to take a piece of floral wire and attach the longer stems first and then the larger flowers last. The biggest flowers will help cover any exposed floral wire and are generally attached in the center of the design. If you don’t have a single large flower, you can create a cluster of flowers to achieve the same look.
  4. If necessary, use a little hot glue gun to hold the faux flowers in place.
  5. Once you get all of the flowers wired on, you can go back in with floral tape to secure things even more. The floral tape will keep flowers from spinning around on the wreath.
Wiring flowers onto a metal hoop wreath

Hanging Your Wreath

When the flowers are attached to the top or bottom of the wreath, hanging the wreath is pretty easy. You can hang the wreath from a nail or command hooks using a piece of twine or ribbon. You can also hang the metal hoop directly on the hook.

When the flowers are attached to the side, the easiest way to hang the wreath is to create a loop with a piece of wire underneath the floral design on the side. It’s sometimes necessary to wire the wreath directly to the nail or hook tightly in order to get it to hang straight.

For one of my wreaths, the stems circled around to the top so I was able to tightly wire the metal frame to a nail and hide the nail with a flower. Can you tell which one? I hope not!

Different Hoop Wreath Styles To Consider

The fun part about making these wreaths is that the sky is the limit as far as design. Instead of florals, you can also use faux succulents to create a modern succulent wreath.

If a floral wreath is not your style, pampas grass and other neutral colors are beautiful for a boho-style wreath. You don’t have to use flowers at all.

Metal Hoop Wreath with pampas grass and dried bunny tails
Fall Hoop Wreath DIY

Faux pine stems and pinecones create a pretty artificial pine wreath for winter or Christmas.

Large peonies, a Eucalyptus sprig, or boxwood pieces can be used for a modern take on a DIY Farmhouse wreath.

Farmhouse Metal Hoop Wreath DIY
DIY Farmhouse Hoop Wreath

To make a fall wreath, attach neutral faux sprigs and faux pumpkins for your fall decor.

I created this simple Winter pom pom wreath with only 3 pom poms and some gold bottlebrush trees. It only took about 10 minutes to make. Learn how to make pom poms.

Metal Hoop Wreath Christmas
DIY Metal Hoop Wreath Christmas

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