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One Room Challenge Fall 2020 – Week 6 Final Reveal

It’s time for the One Room Challenge Fall 2020 Week 6 Final Reveal! I am the worst at completing a room entirely so this challenge has been so fun for me. It kept me on track and super focused on my mission. Let’s take a look!

Can we just say RIP to this before picture? Wow, just wow! LOL
One Room Challenge Fall 2020 Week 6

I’ve recently fallen for a more modern decor style so this is the second room in our home that I’ve started to incorporate modern pieces. I can’t really put a label on it. I like Boho style mixed with traditional, vintage, and modern farmhouse. I guess it’s just Denise’s style, right? There really is no right or wrong in decorating. If you love it, just do it!

One Room Challenge Fall 2020 – The Paint & Accent Wall

We made major changes to this room. Basically, nothing from the old room stayed. We started with a fresh coat of white paint. Our house is so dark so I’m in love with the white. This has become my favorite room in the house just due to the lighting alone. I chose Valspar Bistro White because it was the most neutral white I could find without feeling like it had yellow or gray tones.

The addition of the vertical board and batten was a very inexpensive way to add a modern element to the room with little effort. I alternated 6″ and 12″ between battens. It took longer to paint them than it did to install them. I didn’t glue them to the wall but instead used a brad nailer. If I ever want to change this, it will be easy to do.

One Room Challenge Fall 2020 – The Window Coverings

The curtain panels are an Amazon find. The curtain rod is from Lowe’s.

I had planned to do an outside mount shade over the window and mount it above the arch, but once I took the black curtains down (remember this was originally our son’s room) and realized how much I loved that bright light, I decided to go with white curtains.

We have 9′ ceilings and I originally ordered 96″ drapery panels. They barely went above the window arch. I wasn’t in love with the look so I returned them and ordered 108″ curtains and installed them all the way to the ceiling. This was a much more dramatic look and I’m so glad I made this choice. It changed the room so much and really pulled everything together. To savor every little bit of light, I installed the rod brackets so I could push the curtain panels to where they would barely cover the edge of the window.

The Bed & Bedding

This bed is simple and more modern but not so much that I can’t change the style of the room later. This is the smallest room in the house so I like that the bed has exposed legs that give a more airy look. The bedding is soft and cozy. I love the neutral gray color. It goes great with the rug. Did you take a look at that cozy little throw my mom and I found at the last minute? It’s so cute and we couldn’t have found a better color!

I spread out the throw so you can see it. I found it at Lowe’s of all places!

The original plan was to add a lot of pillows to the bed, but the lines on the wall, seams in the bedding, and texture in the macrame pillow told me that less would be more here so I’m keeping it simple with just the shams that match the bedding and one macrame pillow cover.

The Accents & Accessories

I chose this cabinet because I loved how different it looked! It’s definitely the most “edgy” piece in the room. I got it from the same company as the bed. I already had the lamp so I decided to use it. I had a more squatty look in mind but every time I went to buy lamps, the shelves were empty. I was able to shop the house for the wood bowl and ceramic pieces inside.

The round gold mirror and potted succulent were both fun editions keeping things classic but modern. Hanging things on the wall with the batten proved challenging so I just set the mirror on the cabinet. I had to add a couple of sticky dots so the mirror doesn’t roll off.

Choosing an end table was one of the hardest things for me. I had three different tables and I put them to a vote on Instagram. Guess what? They all got the same amount of votes. That was no help at all other than to say that any of them look fine I guess.

Over the bed was another area I struggled with. I didn’t want the room overdone but I also didn’t want it underdone. I bought a floating shelf and pictured plants and prints layered on it but decided that might be too much so I opted to leave the wall in all its glory for now. Would you have added the floating shelf?

This last little corner is pretty simple but I love the standing mirror. It’s made with an easel on the back so you don’t have to hang it. I like that because I can move it around when I want.

The light on the ceiling is one of my favorite things and I almost forgot to mention it! This detail made a big difference in the room.

The rug tied everything together nicely. June wants to be wherever I am. (Miss yogurt face)

I love the way this room turned out. It makes me smile when I walk down the hall and look inside. I didn’t really start with a budget, but let’s just say I spent a little more than I planned. I’ll have to recuperate from this room and be ready for the One Room Challenge Spring 2021 edition. I’d love to tackle our kitchen or the bathroom in our main bedroom.

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Thank you for following along on my first One Room Challenge. Tell me in the comments what your favorite thing in this room is!


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  1. Sanda Stojakovic| My design playbook says:

    Beautiful transformation! Love what you did with the wall. Makes it some much brighter now.

    1. Thank you Sandra. I had so much fun with the room. I’m loving the more modern look.

  2. Love this room! It’s so bright and airy but warm at the same time. Great job!

    1. Thank you. It was so fun to get this room done finally. I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. What a big difference!! It’s so bright and airy now!

    1. Thank you. It makes me happy to see it. I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. I love what you have done. It is clean and airy with the option to change a few things when you want. I love the curtain panels as well, make it feel free flowing. My only change would be the bedside table on the left, needs a little more bulk.. I love the dog in the room, that’s the best part.

    1. Thank you. I definitely felt challenged by the end table. Nothing was quite right but I still loved them all at the same time. I agree that everyone should have a dog in the room 😉 Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I love that!

  5. I love the room! It’s so light and airy. I think I would be in there every day just to look and smile. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  6. Wow what a difference from the before to the after! The room looks so bright and cheery. I like that you kept the accessories to a minimum. I’m all about “less is more” also. I like everything you chose but I think my favorite change is the simple curtain panels framing the window and hanging from ceiling to floor.

    Great job! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your 2021 room challenge. Until then, enjoy this beautiful new room.