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Felt Leaf Garland DIY

felt leaf garland

This Felt Leaf Garland DIY was so easy to make and I’m excited to share this simple but beautiful DIY with you. I used my Cricut to make mine, but you can also cut the leaves by hand if you don’t own some sort of cutting machine. I love the way the mossy green leaves look against the white mantle in my shed.

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Cutting The Felt Leaves

I found my leaf pattern on Canva and resized the leaves to 2 1/2 inches each. I love my Cricut because it will cut the leaves while I’m working on other projects. You can find the green color I used here. I used the rotary wheel to cut the felt leaves. I get the cleanest cut with it. My garland took about 50 leaves. I used a glue gun to pinch and glue the rounded end of the leaves together to give the leaves some shape. You can see this in the pictures below. I would imagine you could do this with a needle and thread but it would take a little longer.

Felt Leaf Garland DIY

Preparing The Speckled Eggs

I used foam eggs that had a cute speckled pattern. I used about 20 eggs and I drilled holes through each one. Here are some similar eggs. The holes need to be large enough to fit the twine through. This took a little patience but I finally got the job done. It helped to tape the end of the twine to use it like a needle to fish the twine through the eggs. You can see that in the photo above.

Putting The Felt Leaf Garland DIY Together

I glued clusters of three leaves together and then glued them to the twine. After giving that a few seconds to dry, I slid an egg on the twine to create some separation. I found the easiest way to glue the leaves to the twine is after you have the three leaves glued together with a hot glue gun, flip them over and draw a straight line with the glue and then stretch the twine over the glue. Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of this step. I’ve also seen a similar garland done with large wooden beads instead of eggs and it looked great. I just happened to have the eggs on hand. I repeated this process until the garland was complete. It’s super easy!

felt leaf garland DIY

I hope you enjoyed this simple Felt Leaf Garland DIY. If you make one of your own, be sure to share a picture on Instagram and use #hootshackinspired so I can see it! If you’d like another Circut Maker project, be sure to check out my Bunny Garland! Thanks for stopping by!

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