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How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath

Today we’re going to learn how to make an easy braided chunky yarn wreath. This is one of the easiest and quickest projects I’ve ever made and it’s so warm and cozy looking. Let’s see how it’s made!

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How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath
How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath

When I was shopping for yarn to do my Clover Pom Pom Maker Tutorial, I came across this super soft and chunky yarn that I just couldn’t pass up! I had no idea what I was going to make with it but I bought it anyway. I was just about to put it away in my craft room for another day and I started wondering what it would look like braided.

I grabbed some of my dog’s hair elastics, a chip clip and got started. Umm what? Ha ha. You can meet June here if you’d like, but let’s make this wreath first and I’ll explain the hair ties and chip clip. Here’s what I used to make it:

Supplies – How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath

  • A wreath frame – I used this style
  • Chunky Yarn – I used this chunky yarn
  • Rubberbands or even a thinner piece of yarn for tying the ends – I used these
  • A chip clip is optional – more about that in a bit

Making The Braid

I cut three lengths of the chunky yarn and secured the ends with a small clear hair elastic. I attached the long chip clip so I could hang the yarn from a cabinet door to do the braiding. This just keeps the braid from twisting around in circles while I braid. Keep your braid kind of loose. Don’t pull things too tight. When I was done braiding, I secured the ends with a rubber band again.

How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath
Secure the ends. Don’t leave the tails too much longer than this.
How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath
Secure the yarn to something so you can braid loosely.
How To Make An Easy Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath
Don’t pull too tightly when wrapping around the wreath, but bunch the wraps close together. I sprayed my wreath gray but it’s not necessary. It ended up not showing at all.

Once I got about a quarter of the way around. I went back and tucked the end I started with behind the wraps of yarn in the back. Then I continued wrapping. I ran out of braided yarn a couple of times and you just tuck the new ends behind again like you did when you started and you can’t even tell. Don’t sweat the length, it’s really forgiving to add more. Before you tuck the last end in, attach a piece of ribbon or yarn for hanging if you want.

Dark Gray chunky yarn
The bottom bundle of yarn is what I had left from one package.

It’s seriously so easy! I love the texture that the chunky yarn gives the wreath. Before you go, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog or give me a follow on Pinterest. I’d love to show you more of my easy DIY projects!

June is always hanging out with me when I’m crafting and she thought you should see her bun. | PILLOWS
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    Reply Linda M

    Thank you for another super easy project to try. It would be nice to just change the colors of yarn for each holiday!

    at 4:28 pm
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      Reply Hootshack

      Thank you! I’m already wanting to make more colors 🙂

      at 7:18 pm

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